Effective Date From Date To
Section No. of Orders (Top)
SNo.OfficeOrderIdOffice Order No.SubjectSectionEffective DateOrder By
1 87403 38_ETI_25112023 Professional Exam Part 1 and 2Others25/11/2023Dir ETI
2 87400 2792_MPI_21112023 Regarding Nomination of Officer for TRAFOTECH Global Conference.Others21/11/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
3 87396 1459_CEH_20112023 Regarding Promotion of Non Gazetted Employees in discoms.Others20/11/2023CE (Hydel)
4 87392 2710_MPI_14112023 Regarding Nomination of Officer for Support for Statistical Strengthening (SSS).Others14/11/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
5 87334 2515_CEH_06112023 House Allotment to OfficerOthers06/11/2023CE (Hydel) UPPCL
6 87328 4880_IR_31102023 Regarding strike notice on dated 06/11/23Others31/10/2023DGM (IR)
7 87329 2618_MPI_31102023 Regarding Nomination of Officer for Curriculum Committee of the Technical Education Council.Others31/10/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
8 87322 3765_SAD_30102023 Resignation of Smt. Sandal Siddique, Computer Assistant (SAP ID-15000567)Others30/10/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
9 87319 2600_MPI_28102023 Regarding General Network Access (Open Access), Power Trading and Exchanges" Residential Training form dated 07-11-2023 to 10-11-2023Others28/10/2023MD UPPCL
10 87302 1177_CPF_19102023 Regarding voter list for election of 03 personnel trustees in UP Power Corporation CPF TrustOthers19/10/2023Election Officer
11 87258 2440_MPI_11102023 Regarding Nomination of Officers for "Cyber Security Policies & Crisis Management Plan"Others11/10/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
12 87247 2468_CEH_30092023 House Allotment to EmployeeOthers30/09/2023CE Hydel
13 87237 3009_SAD_30092023 Rashtra Pita Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Program Dated 02 Oct, 2023Others30/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
14 87241 2295_MPI_30092023 Nodal Officer for Purvanchal Vikas BoardOthers30/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
15 87243 2721_EMO7_27092023 Confirmation order of AEOthers27/09/2023MD UPPCL
16 87227 2234_MPI_19092023 Nomination of Officers for Online Training of "Procurement Rules for Goods and Services Including Gem Portal & GFR 2017 Guidelines"Others19/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
17 87223 2618_EM07_18092023 Regarding AE to EE Promotion in Divyangjan QuotaOthers18/09/2023JS02
18 87221 473_CPC_13092023 New Bank Account No of CPCOthers13/09/2023DGM (Account Admin)
19 87211 2095_MPI_01092023 Nomination of Officers/Employees for Training programme of Court Case Monitoring SystemOthers01/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
20 87212 2135_MPI_01092023 Corrigendum Order of 2095 dated 01.09.2023Others01/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
21 87214 2986_SAD_01092023 Internal Complaint Committee for the sexual harassment of women at workplaceOthers01/09/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
22 87215 2435_CEH_30082023 House Allotment to OfficerOthers30/08/2023CE (Hydel) UPPCL
23 87194 2375_EM07_22082023 Regarding On job training of AE (T) ElectricalOthers22/08/2023chairman
24 87195 1516_GCAOCH_22082023 Basic residential training of Assistant Accountant form dated 05-09-2023 to 04-10-2023Others22/08/2023Dy GM (Account Adm)
25 87193 2352_EM07_21082023 Regarding Shri Yogendra Singh Yadav, AEOthers21/08/2023Chairman, UPPCL
26 87188 2549_SAD_14082023 Live speech of Honorable Chief Minister on the auspicious occasion of National FestivalOthers14/08/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
27 87187 2240_EM07_09082023 Confirmation order of AEOthers09/08/2023MD UPPCL
28 87175 2138_EM07_31072023 Corrigendum order of 1767 date 28-06-2023Others31/07/2023JS02
29 87172 2292_CEH_27072023 Cancellation of House Allotment of EmployeeOthers27/07/2023CE (Hydel)
30 87176 1719_MPI_27072023 Workshop on Integrated Rating of Distribution UtilitesOthers27/07/2023Director (PM&A) UPPCL
31 87170 1356_GCAOCH_26072023 Regarding basic residential training of Assistant Accountant form dated 01-08-2023 to 30-08-2023Others26/07/2023AO(Admin)
32 87171 2284_CEH_26072023 List of House Allotment to EmployeesOthers26/07/2023CE (Hydel)
33 87166 1333_GCAOCH_24072023 Regarding basic residential training of Assistant Accountants form dated 01-08-2023 to 30-08-2023Others24/07/2023DS-03/04
34 87155 1638_MPI_21072023 Training regarding Technical aspect of SAP-ERP form dated 24-07-2023 to 28-07-2023Others21/07/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
35 87164 3349_IR_21072023 Regarding Amendment of the date of payment of Ex Gratia AmountOthers21/07/2023BOD
36 87152 150_DSEM02A_20072023 Additional ChargeOthers20/07/2023Chairman
37 87157 1306_GCAOCH_19072023 Regarding basic residential training of Assistant Accountants form dated 01-08-2023 to 30-08-2023Others19/07/2023DS-03/04
38 87149 1578_MPI_18072023 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers18/07/2023AS-I
39 87144 1966_EM07_17072023 Professional Exam Part 1 (E&M)Others17/07/2023Director (PM&A) UPPCL
40 87145 1967_EM07_17072023 Professional Exam Part 2 (E&M)Others17/07/2023Director (PM&A) UPPCL
41 87146 1968_EM07_17072023 Professional Exam Part 2 (Civil)Others17/07/2023Director (PM&A) UPPCL
42 87138 3093_IR-17_13072023 Strike Ban for Six Months in All UP Power SectorsOthers13/07/2023DGM IR
43 87131 1506_MPI_11072023 Regarding Nomination of Officers for Cyber Security workshop on dated 14 July 2023Others11/07/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
44 87126 1471_MPI_05072023 One Day Workshop dated 06.07.2023 under the Right to Information Act-2005Others04/07/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
45 87148 3000_IR_30062023 Regarding Compensation Amount of outsource personOthers30/06/2023Dir (P&MA) UPPCL
46 87079 1767_EM07_28062023 JE to AE PROMOTION AND POSTINGOthers28/06/2023chairman
47 87080 1768_EM07_28062023 JE to AE PROMOTION AND POSTINGOthers28/06/2023chairman
48 87075 1754_EM07_27062023 JE to AE PROMOTION AND POSTINGOthers27/06/2023Chairman
49 87064 1122_MPI_14062023 Regarding Transfer/Posting of Employees in the Enforcement Teams under the control of vigilance unitOthers14/06/2023Chairman UPPCL
50 87054 961_GCAOCH_08062023 Regarding basic residential training of Assistant AccountantsOthers08/06/2023Dy GM (Account Adm)
51 87051 938_GCAOCH_06062023 Regarding basic residential training of Assistant AccountantsOthers06/06/2023Dy GM (Account Adm)
52 87052 1082_MPI_05062023 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers06/06/2023AS-I
53 87053 942_MPI_05062023 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers06/06/2023AS-I
54 87024 682_MPI_23052023 Regarding disposal of various complaint lettersOthers23/05/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
55 87016 494_80_CPF Trust_20052023 Regarding ERP error resolution coming in cpf slipOthers20/05/2023Secretary Trust
56 87012 490_01_CPF_19052023 Nomination of Employee TrusteeOthers19/05/2023Chairman UPPCL
57 87009 678_MPI_16052023 Nomination of employee for training program under comprehensive planOthers16/05/2023Dir (PM&A)
58 87003 1033_EM07_08052023 JE to AE PROMOTION AND POSTINGOthers08/05/2023chairman
59 86998 540_MPI_29042023 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers29/04/2023AS-I
60 86999 1172_to_1177_Work-14_29042023 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property in ERPOthers29/04/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
61 86994 1437_P&A_27042023 Regarding Tax Regime selection in ERPOthers27/04/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
62 86989 704_CEH_24042023 List of House Allotment to OfficersOthers24/04/2023CE (Hydel)
63 86990 705_CEH_24042022 List of House Allotment to EmployeesOthers24/04/2023CE (Hydel)
64 86970 402_MP&AA_01042023 Admin/Nodal Officer for Call Before U Dig (CBud) Mobile AppOthers01/04/2023Chairman
65 86957 411_MPI_27032023 Nomination of employee for training program under comprehensive planOthers27/03/2023Dir (PM&A)
66 86958 390_MPI_25032023 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers25/03/2023AS-I
67 86955 674_EM07_25032023 JE to AE PromotionOthers25/03/2023chairman
68 86943 615_EM07_2003203 Promotion JE to AEOthers20/03/2023chairman
69 86931 566_EM07_13032023 Promotion of JE to AEOthers13/03/2023Chairman
70 86933 563_EM07_13032023 Confirmation order of AEOthers13/03/2023MD UPPCL
71 86930 336_UPSPSET_06032023 GPF Employee Trustee Election ResultOthers06/03/2023Election Officer
72 86920 290_MPI_02032023 Online Web Portal for RTIOthers02/03/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
73 86899 407_Work-14_PCL_15022023 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property in ERPOthers15/02/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
74 86894 210_MPI_10022023 GIS and GIE Nodal Officer for UPPCLOthers10/02/2023Chairman UPPCL
75 86887 150_MPI_01022023 volunteer firefighter courseOthers01/02/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
76 86869 110_MPI_28012023 Regarding of Junior Engineer Posting in enforcement Teams under the control of vigilance unit in UPPCLOthers28/01/2023Chairman UPPCL
77 86866 435_IR_270123 Regarding to Payment of Ex Gratia Amount to UPPCL and Discom Employee for year 2021-22Others27/01/2023BOD
78 86864 130_MPI_250123 Regarding Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers25/01/2023AS-I
79 86861 412_IR_23012023 Regarding Jan Jagran rally notice of Vidyut Karmchari Sanyukt Sangharsh SamitiOthers23/01/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
80 86856 12_CU_UPPCL_23012023 Regarding Website Data updationOthers23/01/2023Dir IT UPPCL
81 86857 431_SAD-26_23012023 Regarding 74th Republic DayOthers23/01/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
82 86851 62_ETI_20012023 Regarding basic training of Assistant Engineer-traineeOthers20/01/2023Director ETI
83 86847 215_IR-17_16012023 Regarding to prohibiting strikeOthers16/01/2023DGM IR
84 86837 112_EM07_13012023 Modification of JE to AEOthers12/01/2023Chairman
85 86830 67_Work-14_PCL_09012023 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERPOthers09/01/2023Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
86 86835 35_GCAOCH_05012023 Regarding postponing the training program of Assistant AccountantsOthers05/01/2023Dy GM (Account Adm)
87 86825 51_EM07_05012023 JE to AE PromotionOthers05/01/2023MD UPPCL
88 86828 26_GCAOCH_04012023 Regarding Training of Assistant AccountantsOthers04/01/2023Dy GM (Account Adm)
89 86826 17_15_UPSPSET_03012023 Regarding the online method of election of the employee trustee of UP State Power Sector Employees TrustOthers03/01/2023Election Officer
90 86827 18_UPSPSET_03012023 Regarding voter list for election of 03 personnel trustees in UP State Power Sector Employees TrustOthers03/01/2023Election Officer
91 86821 08_ETI_03012023 Regarding orientation training program of Executive Engineers and Superintending EngineersOthers03/01/2023Director ETI
92 86812 1684_MPI_31122022 Regarding of Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers31/12/2022AS-I
93 86808 2055_CEH_30122022 House Allotment to OfficersOthers30/12/2022CE Hydel
94 86804 1620_MP AA&T-01_20012022 "Hands On" Training schedule on Cyber Security by NPTIOthers20/12/2022Chairman UPPCL
95 86791 108_ETI_12122022 Control Room for Professional ExamOthers12/12/2022Director ETI
96 86785 1542_MPI-01_07122022 Trainning on Dot Net Technology of AE (IT)Others07/12/2022Chairman UPPCL
97 86794 1577_MPI_07122022 Regarding registration for "Deep Drive Training Program" for Cyber Security.Others07/12/2022AS-I
98 86781 102_ETI_031222 Professional Exam Part 1 & 2 of Engineer Officers on dated 16.12.2022Others03/12/2022Director (ETI)
99 86771 1811_CEH_26112022 House Allotment to EmployeesOthers26/11/2022CE Hydel
100 86758 2882_EM07_21112022 JE to AE PromotionOthers21/11/2022MD UPPCL
101 86751 1450_MPI-01_17112022 Approval of amount for training programmeOthers17/11/2022Chairman UPPCL
102 86728 1386 _MPI_01112022 Regarding Nomination of Nodal officer for UPGISOthers01/11/2022Chairman UPPCL
103 86738 1389_MPI_01.11.2022 Observance of Vigilance Awareness week-2022Others01/11/2022AS I
104 86725 1360_MPI_29102022 ERP Hands On Training in ETIOthers29/10/2022Chairman UPPCL
105 86705 2605_EM07_14102022 JE to AE PromotionOthers14/10/2022MD, UPPCL
106 86707 2606_EM07_14102022 JE TO AE PROMOTION ORDEROthers14/10/2022MD UPPCL
107 86697 2520_EM07_29092022 Promotion and PostingOthers29/09/2022MD UPPCL
108 86671 1143_MPI_13092022 Regarding registration for "Deep Drive Training Program" for Cyber Security.Others13/09/2022AS-I
109 86662 926_CEH_31082022 Instructions and Application form for departmental house allotmentOthers31/08/2022CE Hydel
110 86641 833_CEH_11082022 Circular regarding department house allotment and application proformaOthers11/08/2022CE Hydel
111 86632 944_MPI_10082022 Regarding eligible for appointment on deputation basis to the post of Chief Electrical Engineer in Goa Electricity DepartmentOthers10/08/2022DS MPI
112 86618 945_MPI_06082022 Regarding of Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers06/08/2022AS-I
113 86616 936_MPI_04082022 Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) organized by NTPCOthers04/08/2022DS MPI
114 86587 657_CEH_19072022 Departmental House Allocation to OfficersOthers19/07/2022CE Hydel
115 86654 2643_IR-17_15072022 Regarding prohibition of strike in the services of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation LimitedOthers15/07/2022Principal Secretary
116 86448 474_DG ETI_11072022 Regarding Specialized full stack Development Training Programme in ETIOthers11/07/2022DG (ETI)
117 86447 750_MPI_08072022 Regarding Specialized full stack Development Training Programme for EngineerOthers08/07/2022Chairman UPPCL
118 86652 553_CEH_3062022 House Allotment Seniority List of officers CE/SE and EquivalentOthers30/06/2022CE (Hydel)
119 86356 712_MPI_PCL_30062022 Regarding filling of the posts of by deputation in Uttar Pradesh Police Housing Corporation Limited, Lucknow.Others30/06/2022MD UPPCL
120 86346 1530_SAD-26_24062022 Room no 401 allotment to Director IT UPPCLOthers24/06/2022MD UPPCL
121 86328 635_MPI_16062022 Regarding of Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers16/06/2022Chairman
122 86329 635_MPI_16062022 Regarding of Registration of "Deep Drive Training Programme" for Cyber SecurityOthers16/06/2022Chairman
123 86331 417_DG_ETI_16062022 Regarding Specialized full stack Development Training Programme for Engineer OfficersOthers16/06/2022DG (ETI)
124 86324 583_MPI_14062022 Regarding the posting of Accredited Energy Auditor in DiscomsOthers14/06/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
125 86323 1331_EM07_13062022 Regarding Discom Allotment of AE(T) CivilOthers13/06/2022MD UPPCL
126 86312 571_MPI_06062022 Deep Drive Training Programme for Cyber SecurityOthers06/06/2022Chairman UPPCL
127 86310 401_DG_ETI_04062022 Regarding Specialized full stack Development Training Programme for Engineer Officers from 20.06.2022Others04/06/2022DG (ETI)
128 86273 1024_Work-14_PCL_23052022 Nodal Officer for services of Janhit Guarantee AdhiniyamOthers23/05/2022Chairman UPPCL
129 86272 897_Work-14_PCL_23052022 Deterioration rate of laptops and peripherals at 15% per annumOthers23/05/2022Chairman UPPCL
130 86262 1036_Work-14_19052022 Regarding to the cases to be presented before the Corporate Stores Purchase/Works Committee by UPPCL and DiscomOthers19/05/2022MD UPPCL
131 86260 450_MPI_18052022 Regarding Specialized full stack Development Training Programme for Engineer OfficersOthers18/05/2022Chairman UPPCL
132 86240 232_CEH_20042022 House Allotment to Employee 20.04.2022Others20/04/2022CE (Hydel)
133 86235 222_CEH_13042022 House Allotment Seniority list of officerOthers13/04/2022CE Hydel
134 86228 365_MPI_08042022 Regarding keeping department CUG mobile 24X7 onOthers08/04/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
135 86216 186_CEH_28032022 House Allotment Seniority List of JE and EquivalentOthers28/03/2022CE (Hydel)
136 86205 395_CPF Trust_23032022 Regarding finalization of CPF AccountOthers23/03/2022Chairman Trust
137 86196 271/44/USPSET_16032022 Revised format of inquiry letter and authorization letter for General Provident Fund final payment casesOthers16/03/2022Secretary Trust
138 86188 240_MPI-01_05032022 Provision for imposition of penalties on theft of electricityOthers05/03/2022Chairman UPPCL
139 86186 743_Law Wing_PCL_05032022 Regarding CAVEAT FEEOthers05/03/2022BOD UPPCL
140 86185 217_MPI_25022022 Regarding Training Programme of ERPOthers25/02/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
141 86170 155_MP AA&T01_PCL_04022022 Regarding Training Programme of ERP Project for HQ EmployeesOthers04/02/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
142 86147 77_MP AA&T-01_17012022 "Hands On" Training schedule on Cyber Security by NPTIOthers17/01/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
143 86140 136_Work-14_15012022 Regarding meeting of screening committeeOthers15/01/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
144 86145 13_Gopan-06_PCL_13012022 Guidelines for ACR of Engineers/ Non-Engineers OfficersOthers13/01/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
145 86138 35_MPI and AA-01_PCL_07012022 Nomination of Officers for Training on Cyber Security by NPTIOthers07/01/2022MD UPPCL
146 86155 1710_MP,AA&T-01_PCL_10122021 Regarding dealing with consumers sensitivelyOthers10/12/2021MD UPPCL
147 86166 1207_44_UPSPSET_09122021 Regarding General Provident Fund (GPF) Account Slips issued by ERPOthers09/12/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
148 86167 1471_80_CPF_09122021 Regarding Contributory Provident Fund (CPF) Account Slips issued by ERPOthers09/12/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
149 86093 3468_EM2B_01122021 Regarding nomination of Officers for duty in meeting of UPERC to be held on dated 16-12-2021 & 17-12-2021Others01/12/2021MD UPPCL
150 86095 2110_Work-14_27112021 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERP upto 30.11.2021Others27/11/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
151 86263 1899_Work-14_16112021 Regarding to Additional Performance Security/ Performance Security/Bid Security/ Earnest moneyOthers16/11/2021MD UPPCL
152 86264 1900_Work-14_PCL_16112021 Regarding to Discounts and reduction in Performance Security to Micro and Small Enterprises and Startups participating in invited tenders for products and servicesOthers16/11/2021MD UPPCL
153 86086 3798_Respo_09112021 Guidelines regarding shifting of Line/Transformer by National Highway/State Highway AuthorityOthers10/11/2021MD UPPCL
154 86065 1320_CEH_30102021 House Allotment to officers meeting dated 27.10.2021Others30/10/2021CE (Hydel)
155 86032 1711_Work-14_PCL_21102021 Regarding the arrangement of site store for all the Junior Engineers of the Distribution Wing.Others21/10/2021MD UPPCL
156 86033 1380_MP&AA-01_pcl_21102021 Nodal Officer for Vendor Empanelment on ERP SystemOthers21/10/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
157 86016 1990_CE(C)_CU-2_OTS_20102021 Process and Responsibilities for OTS 2021-22Others20/10/2021MD UPPCL
158 86017 1991_CE(C)_CU-2_OTS_20102021 Revised Process and Responsibilities for OTS 2021-22Others20/10/2021MD UPPCL
159 86018 1979_CE(C)_OTS_20102021 One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS) 2021-22Others20/10/2021MD UPPCL
160 86023 1201_KVN_16102021 Regarding disposal of case of disciplinary proceedings related to sealed envelopeOthers16/10/2021BOD UPPCL
161 86082 1200_KVN_&VP-29_16102021 Procedure to be followed in Seniority Based Selection excluding the Nonqualified PersonnelOthers16/10/2021BOD UPPCL
162 85999 1205_CEH_01102021 Seniority list of House AllotmentOthers01/10/2021CE (Hydel) UPPCL
163 85990 941_ETI_27092021 Postponement of Orientation Training Programme of EE and SEOthers27/09/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
164 85991 942_ETI_27092021 Postponement of Orientation Training Programme of AEOthers27/09/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
165 85993 1627_Work-14_PCL_27092021 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERPOthers27/09/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
166 85989 1190_MP&AA_25092021 Regarding meeting of ERP Training Programme Dated 28.09.2021Others25/09/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
167 85986 2884_EM07_21092021 Confirmation OM of A.Es (E&M/Civil)Others21/09/2021MD, UPPCL
168 85965 1499_Work-14_13092021 Regarding rebate in tender cost and EMD for MSEOthers13/09/2021BOD UPPCL
169 85974 1487_Work-14_PCL_10092021 Property declaration form with user manualOthers10/09/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
170 85932 1397_Work-14_PCL_31082021 Property declaration form with user manualOthers31/08/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
171 86083 3711_Respo_29082021 Regarding the details of the Manufacturer / Supplier to be engraved / embossed on the purchase winding wire for Transformer repairingOthers29/08/2021MD UPPCL
172 86084 3712_Respo_29082021 Regarding Marking of Technical Specification on Steel Tubular PoleOthers29/08/2021MD UPPCL
173 86085 3713_Respo_29082021 Regarding Technical Specification of Bus-Bars & Connectors in 11 KV Vacuum Circuit BreakersOthers29/08/2021MD UPPCL
174 85927 1317_Work-14_21082021 Regarding to providing information of employees absent continuously from one month or more (HQ)Others21/08/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
175 85928 1316_Work-14_21082021 Regarding to providing information of employees absent continuously from one month or more (Discom)Others21/08/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
176 85883 918_PR-28_PCL_28072021 Nodal officer for SC/ST EmployeeOthers28/07/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
177 85868 1074_Work_17072021 Regarding Quality Cell and Quality Assurance and control PolicyOthers17/07/2021MD UPPCL
178 85876 665_KVN_17072021 Regarding Pay revision of Stenographer as per order of Honourable High CourtOthers17/07/2021BOD UPPCL
179 85793 1933_EM07_21062021 Confirmation of AEs (E&M and Civil)Others21/06/2021MD, UPPCL
180 85780 1887_SAD_16062021 House Allotment HQOthers16/06/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
181 85770 1770_SAD-11_PCL_07062021 House allotment to Employees HQOthers07/06/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
182 85719 503_MPI_23042021 Guidelines for prevention of COVID-19 epidemicOthers23/04/2021MD UPPCL
183 85717 1196_IR_17042021 Guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention and vaccinationOthers19/04/2021Chairman UPPCL
184 85743 669_Work_17042021 Financial and administrative approval for issuance of identity card to Policeman in vigilance UnitOthers17/04/2021Chairman UPPCL
185 85744 1359_SAD-11_PCL_16042021 Nomination of Nodal officer for COVID-19 control room in HQOthers16/04/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
186 85714 453_MP&AA-01_13042021 Regarding Nomination of Nodal officer for training and ApprenticeshipOthers12/04/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
187 85715 486_MP&AA-01_12042021 SOP on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in OfficesOthers12/04/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
188 86001 634_Work-14_09042021 Regarding providing benefits in tenders invited to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSME)Others09/04/2021BOD UPPCL
189 85698 421_MP_03042021 Nomination of Nodal officer in Shakti bhawan to prevent corona virusOthers03/04/2021MD UPPCL
190 85693 1171_SAD-11_25032021 Final House Allotment seniority list of HQOthers25/03/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
191 85674 666_Law(Wing)_UPPCL_21032021 Select list of of advocates for Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench, Lucknow Standing counsel panel.Others21/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
192 85675 665_Law(Wing)_UPPCL_21032021 Select list of of advocates for Allahabad High Court Standing counsel panelOthers21/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
193 85676 667_Law(Wing)_UPPCL_21032021 Select list of of advocates for Allahabad High Court Panel counsel panel.Others21/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
194 85677 668_Law(Wing)_UPPCL_21032021 Select list of of advocates for Allahabad High Court, Lucknow bench, Lucknow Panel counselOthers21/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
195 85678 669_Law(Wing)_UPPCL_21032021 Select list of of advocates for UP State Tribunal panelOthers21/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
196 85657 966_SAD-11_PCL_09032021 Tentative seniority list for House Allotment (HQ)Others09/03/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
197 85653 388_EDF_05032021 Regarding compliance with guidelines procedure for financial disciplineOthers05/03/2021Chairman UPPCL
198 85671 315_CPF Trust_04032021 Regarding errors in demand letter relative to the CPF covered EmployeeOthers04/03/2021Secretary (Trust)
199 85597 180_CEH_09022021 House Allotment to OfficerOthers09/02/2021CE (Hydel) UPPCL
200 85596 213_ED(F)_06022021 Process of Payment of Meter supplierOthers06/02/2021Director (F) UPPCL
201 85909 203_PR-28_PCL_04022021 Regarding reservation in outsourcing on contract basisOthers04/02/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
202 85567 88_CEH_13012021 House allotment to EmployeeOthers13/01/2021CE (Hydel)
203 85566 154_SAD-11_12012021 Details of vacant houses HQ quotaOthers12/01/2021US SAD-11
204 85557 149-EM-04 07012021 Requirement of AE in Power Management CellOthers07/01/2021DS-04
205 85556 04_CU_PCL_05012021 Regarding Permanent E-mail Id in UPPCL WebsiteOthers05/01/2021MD UPPCL
206 85542 1844_ED(F)_28122020 Procedure for Payment of Meter Suppliers and fund ArrangementOthers28/12/2020Dir (F)
207 65515 1513_PR_09122020 Meeting on 15.12.2020 of Nodal officers for vacant post of different categoriesOthers09/12/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
208 65483 2091-work-14/pcl/2020 Regarding Regular continuously absent employees without prior permissionOthers24/11/2020Dir(P&A)
209 65475 2013_Work_13112020 Core committee and Financial rights of CSPC UPPCLOthers17/11/2020Chairman UPPCL
210 65468 856_Trust_11112020 Regarding Selection Order of CPF Employees Trustee of UPPCLOthers11/11/2020Election Officer
211 65469 1143_UPSPSET_11112020 Regarding Selection of GPF Employees Trustee of UPPCLOthers11/11/2020Election Officer
212 65430 1065_GPF_23102020 Regarding Voter List of GPF for Election of GPF Employee TrusteeOthers22/10/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
213 65425 1005_GPF Trust_09102020 Formation of E-Voting committeeOthers09/10/2020Chairman UPPCL
214 65426 1006_GPF Trust_09102020 Deputy Election Officer and Election Observer for E-VotingOthers09/10/2020Chairman UPPCL
215 65427 754_CPF Trust_09102020 Formation of E-Voting committee CPF TrustOthers09/10/2020Chairman UPPCL
216 65428 755_CPF Trust_09102020 Deputy Election Officer and Election Observer of E-Voting for CPF TrustOthers09/10/2020Chairman UPPCL
217 65423 21_CP&GST_30092020 Regarding E-InvoiceOthers30/09/2020CGM (AA)
218 65410 470_CPC HQ_29092020 Tentative Income Tax Memo For Deduction of Advance TaxOthers29/09/2020Director (Finance) UPPCL
219 65419 2906_SAD-11_PCL_25092020 House allotment to HQ EmployeesOthers25/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
220 65420 2904_SAD-11_PCL_25092020 Debar from House allotmentOthers25/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
221 65406 133_Advertisement_24092020 Empanelled Agency in UPPCL and DiscomOthers24/09/2020MD UPPCL
222 45387 2782_SAD-11_21092020 Tentative House Allotment Seniority ListOthers21/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
223 25374 2255_EM07_14092020 Confirmation of AEs (E&M and Civil)Others14/09/2020MD, UPPCL
224 35383 615_Viniyam&KVN_14092020 Junior Engineer (Civil) Regulation-2017 Ist-AmendmentOthers14/09/2020BOD UPPCL
225 25365 561_Viniyam&KVN_02092020 Regarding IT Cadre PostingOthers02/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
226 15360 2403_SAD-11_25082020 Tentative House Allotment Seniority ListOthers25/08/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
227 15328 1033_Work_PCL_24082020 Guidelines regarding the Estimates for the work done under the Deposit Dcheme WorksOthers24/08/2020MD UPPCL
228 15300 18 Regarding Sri Ankit Singh AEOthers05/08/2020Managing Director
229 15284 1013_Work_27072020 Guidelines Tender Information Publishing in News PaperOthers27/07/2020MD UPPCL
230 15294 660_MP&AA-01_PCL_27072020 Regarding UPPTCL Law Wing workOthers27/07/2020Chairman UPPCL
231 15296 977_Work-14_24072020 "Self-Nurtured and Reimbursement Scheme" for Laptop purchaseOthers24/07/2020Chairman UPPCL
232 15273 1003_Work_23072020 Policy on Environmental & Social SustainabilityOthers23/07/2020BOD UPPCL
233 15297 865_Work-14_PCL_20072020 Deligation of Power to EE (D) upto 3000 KVA and CE (D) above 3000 KVAOthers20/07/2020Chairman UPPCL
234 5265 584_MP&AA-01_PCL_09072020 Name and contact No. of RTI Appellate Officer for UPPCL HQ Shakti Bhawan LucknowOthers09/07/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
235 5266 437_PCL/CA-BS_08072020 Name of Account Head and Account Code for debit and creditOthers08/07/2020GM (Account & Audit)
236 5257 13_EM04_06072020 Attachment of AE to PMCOthers06/07/2020chairman
237 5258 14_EM04_06072020 Attachment of AE to power management unitOthers06/07/2020chairman
238 5253 750_Work_26062020 Direction regarding meeting of CSPC to DiscomsOthers26/06/2020MD UPPCL
239 5245 511_MP&AA-01_PCL_22062020 SOP TO PREVENT SPREAD OF COVID-19 IN OFFICESOthers22/06/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
240 5210 907__EM04_18052020 Requirment of AE for posting in ppa unitOthers18/05/2020Additional sec 2
241 5169 648_Work_20022018 Bill amendment rights up to 10 kW given to JE (Distribution)Others09/04/2020BOD UPPCL
242 5199 560_Work-14/UPPCL_31032020 Regarding 5 Percent supervision Charges on line shifting work by UPMRCOthers31/03/2020Chairman UPPCL
243 5200 577_Work-14/UPPCL_31032020 Power of release connection under 15 Percent supervision EE(D) upto 3000 KVA and CE(D) above 3000 KVAOthers31/03/2020Chairman UPPCL
244 5201 576_Work-14/UPPCL_30032020 Regarding 5 Percent supervision Charges on line shifting work by PWDOthers30/03/2020BOD UPPCL
245 5159 236_MP&AA-01_PCL_21032020 Corona (COVID-19) Prevention Guidelines for DiscomsOthers21/03/2020MD UPPCL
246 5160 237_MP&AA-01_PCL_21032020 Corona (COVID-19) Prevention Guidelines and Nodal in Shaktibhawan LucknowOthers21/03/2020MD UPPCL
247 5151 701_EM07_16032020 Training schedule for AE(T)Others16/03/2020Director (P&A)
248 5157 530_CEH_13032020 Regarding Sh. Krishnveer Singh Civil Appeal 2608/2011 Dated 01.09.2015 ComplianceOthers13/03/2020CE (Hydel)
249 5142 135_Training-10_PCL_07032020 Deputation Posting in UPSIDAOthers07/03/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
250 15295 195_MP&AA_01_PCL_07032020 Nomination of Social Media Manager to Sh. Nishant Naveen EE (IT)Others07/03/2020MD UPPCL
251 5125 363_Work-14_PCL_22022020 "Self-Nurtured and Reimbursement Scheme" for Laptop purchaseOthers22/02/2020Chairman UPPCL
252 5124 405_Work_PCL_20022020 Discom/District wise Target of Plantation of PlantsOthers20/02/2020MD UPPCL
253 5115 19_CE(Comm-1)_15022020 "New District Electricity Development Fund Scheme "Others15/02/2020BOD UPPCL
254 5123 32_Sport Cell_PCL_12022020 46 th Volleyball Competition FY-2019-20Others12/02/2020Sport Officer (HQ)
255 86132 105_KVN_1002020 Disposal in compliance of order by Supreme Court in 9026_2019 TG-IIOthers10/02/2020Chairman UPPCL
256 5081 31 32 33 34_CGM(AA)_31012020 Wanting ACR AAOOthers31/01/2020CGM (AA)
257 5090 76_MP&AA-01_PCL_28012020 Sanction Post of Civil Cadre UPPCL and DiscomOthers28/01/2020Chairman UPPCL
258 5100 159_Work-14_PCL_25012020 Outsourcing of Manpower through GeM PortalOthers25/01/2020JS (Work)
259 5076 17_GST_24012020 Regarding GST on deposite work ,GST on AMC and ITCOthers24/01/2020CGM (Account and Audit)
260 5077 253_SAD_23012020 Final House Allotment Seniority List (HQ)Others23/01/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
261 5072 60_CEH_23012020 House AllotmentOthers23/01/2020CE (Hydel)
262 5078 363_EM2B_PCL_20012020 Examination Controller 03.02.2020Others20/01/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
263 5083 1259_CU_PCL_CS_3/4 DT. 20012020 Regarding the difference in CS-3/4 data of the user filled with data and the billing system filled in the portalOthers20/01/2020Dir (Commercial) UPPCL
264 5058 102_SAD-11_PCL_08012020 Tentative House allotment seniority List (HQ Employee)Others08/01/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
265 5109 01_Sport Cell_PCL_04012020 Sport Officer Posted in HQOthers04/01/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
266 5055 2055_EM03_PCL_31122019 Regarding extraordinary LWP to Er. Amardeep (2015353), AEOthers31/12/2019Dir. (PM&A), UPPCL
267 5041 2032_EM03_PCL_24122019 Regarding grant of permission for foreign trip alongwith sanctioning of earned leave to Er. Avanish Kumar (2017576), AEOthers24/12/2019Dir (PM&A), UPPCL
268 5032 3012_Work-12_PCL_21122019 Rescheduled guide line for adjustment of material issued from store center on 08 BOthers21/12/2019MD UPPCL
269 5026 1935_EM03_PCL_20122019 Family Pension & Death Gratuity of late Er. Bimal Kumar (2017024), AEOthers20/12/2019D.S. (03), UPPCL
270 5017 1494_PR_10122019 Nomination of Nodal officer metting held on 13.12.2019Others10/12/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
271 5014 3973_EM07 _07122019 Corrigendum Order on.3072 dated 07-12-2019Others07/12/2019MD, UPPCL
272 5016 2658_EM04 _07122019 Providing charge certificates to Headquarter UPPCLOthers07/12/2019Deputy Secretary (04)
273 5021 2658_EM04_PCL_07122019 Regarding Charge Certificate AE/EE/SE/CE and other officerOthers07/12/2019DS (04)
274 5009 2997_EM02A_PCL_06122019 Confirmation of Non Engineer cadre OfficerOthers06/12/2019MD UPPCL
275 5007 1420_PR-28_03122019 Corrigendum Order of Nomination of Grievance Redressal Officer for Disable EmployeeOthers03/12/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
276 5000 1891_EM03_PCL_28112019 Leave Enchashment (300 days) to Er. Bimal Kumar (2017024), AE.Others28/11/2019Dir. (PM&A), UPPCL
277 5003 1904_EM03_PCL_27112019 Regarding informing UPPCL HQ in case a JE doesnt join after his promotion.Others27/11/2019DS (03), UPPCL
278 5043 5043_SAD-26_PCL_26122019 Holidays Year 2020Others26/11/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
279 4988 1408_P&R_28_PL_25112019 Nomination of Grievance Redressal Officer for Disable EmployeeOthers25/11/2019Dir.(PM&A), UPPCL
280 4987 1823_EM03_PCL_23112019 Child Care Leave (218 days) to Mrs. Monika (2017299), AEOthers23/11/2019Dir.(PM&A), UPPCL
281 4985 1969_Work-14_PCL_21112019 Regarding the works related to undergrounding of over head lines up to 33 KV by 15% Supervision Charges by the Electrification Department of Indian RailwaysOthers21/11/2019Chairman UPPCL
282 4979 2491_EM04_PCL_20112019 Instructions regarding sending of personal applications through proper channelOthers20/11/2019Dir(P&A) UPPCL
283 4976 1483_CE(C)_18112019 Regarding "Asan Kist Yojna" for LMV-1 Rural and Urban Consumer upto 4 Kw LoadOthers18/11/2019Dir (Comm.) UPPCL
284 4974 3226_EM2B_PCL_16112019 Examination Controller for the exam no-03/VSA/2019/JEOthers16/11/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
285 4969 3204_EM2B_14112019 Duty as Examination Controller for the exam no-03/VSA/2019/JEOthers14/11/2019Dir (PM & A)
286 4962 988_MP&AA-01_PCL_01112019 Corrigendum Order 976 date 22.10.2019Others01/11/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
287 4963 989_MP&AA-01_PCL_01112019 Corrigendum Order 977 date 22.10.2019Others01/11/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
288 5110 127_Sport Cell_PCL_30102019 Regarding Organizing Sports Competitions FY 2019-20Others30/10/2019Chairman UPPCL
289 4956 4492_SAD-11_26102019 Corrigendum order House AllocationOthers26/10/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
290 4951 3781_IR_26102019 Bonus FY2017-2018 for UPPCL and DISCOMS EmployeesOthers26/10/2019Chairman UPPCL
291 4955 1885_Work-14_PCL_26102019 Regarding the award of tenders in E-Tendering SystemOthers26/10/2019MD UPPCL
292 4975 1687_EM03_PCL_24102019 Pension/Gratuity to Er. Hasan Abbas (2012100), AE (Retd.)Others24/10/2019D.S. (EM-03)
293 4947 970_MP&AA-01_PCL_23102019 Controlling on Transformer Workshop By CE (D) and AE(Workshop) EE(Workshop) ACR notationOthers23/10/2019Chairman UPPCL
294 4943 3076_EM02B_231022019 Examination Controller 04-11-2019 & 05-11-2019Others23/10/2019Dir(P&A)
295 4942 3064_EM2B_22102019 Examination Controller 04-11-2019 & 05-11-2019Others22/10/2019Dir(P&A)
296 4940 977_MP&AA-01_PCL_22102019 Name of Public Information Officer for Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation HeadquartersOthers22/10/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
297 4941 976_MP&AA-01_PCL_22102019 Name and contact no. of RTI Appellate Officer for UPPCL HQ Shakti Bhawan LucknowOthers22/10/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
298 4946 1614_EM3B_PCL_14102019 Pension/Gratutity/GPF of Late Brijraj Singh(2010106), AEOthers14/10/2019DS (EM3B)
299 4920 911_ARA_09B_PCL_09102019 Order passed of the following duties and responsibilities to the technician electrical for commercial worksOthers09/10/2019Dir(P&A)
300 4915 4185_SAD_11_PCL_05102019 House Allotment List (HQ)Others05/10/2019Dir(P&A)
301 4897 2074_GCAO6_35A_04102019 List of Office Assistant-III (Account)/(Account Clerk) Basic Training ProgrammeOthers04/10/2019Dy GM
302 4878 4081_SAD-11_PCL_27092019 House Allotment final seniority List (HQ)Others27/09/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
303 4872 3936_SAD-11_17092019 Tentative House Allotment seniority List (HQ)Others17/09/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
304 4856 841_MP&AA-01_uppcl_12092019 Appellate Officer for UPPCLOthers12/09/2019Dir(P&A)
305 4858 870_MP&AA-01_uppcl_120919 Regarding the meeting on every Friday for the affidavits to be filed in the pending petitions in the Honorable CourtsOthers12/09/2019Dir (P&A)
306 4839 2666_EM07_07092019 Confirmation of AEsOthers07/09/2019MD, UPPCL
307 4834 1535_Work-14_PCL_29082019 Guidelines Regarding Shutdown of 11 kv lines in DiscomsOthers29/08/2019Chairman UPPCL
308 4836 272_CEC_27082019 "Modified Sugam Sanyojan Yojna" for quick release of New Electric connectionsOthers27/08/2019Dir (Commercial) UPPCL
309 4826 675_NG-09(B)_PCL_22082019 Regarding non-clerical work from "Technician"Others22/08/2019MD UPPCL
310 4818 3411_SAD-11_20082019 Regarding Manav Sampda PortalOthers20/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
311 4789 3302_SAD-11_PCL_02082019 Corrigendum Sh. Dilip Khan,RO House allotmentOthers02/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
312 4790 3301_SAD-11_PCL_02082019 House Allotment (HQ)Others02/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
313 4798 2628A_IR_01082019 Regarding providing all payment and security equipment to the contract workers employed through outsourcing agencyOthers01/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
314 4774 2108_EM07_26072019 Regarding Professional Exam Result (E&M)Others26/07/2019Director (PM&A)
315 4775 2109_EM07_26072019 Regarding Professional Exam Result (Civil)Others26/07/2019Director (PM&A)
316 4771 1302_Work/14_UPPCL_25072019 Regarding 33 KV line Shifting work under PWD Payable 15% supervision chargeOthers25/07/2019Chairman UPPCL
317 4759 1282_EM04_20072019 ADDITIONAL CHARGE AEOthers20/07/2019MD UPPCL
318 4760 1278_EM04_20072019 ADDITIONAL CHARGE AE KESCOOthers20/07/2019MD UPPCL
319 4762 1270_Work_19072019 Regarding 'Water Harvesting system'Others19/07/2019Chairman UPPCL
320 4763 993_DGM_P&A_18072019 Regarding No-Dues of Building/Car/Scooter advanceOthers18/07/2019Dir (F) UPPCL
321 4749 2985_SAD-11_17072019 Final House allotment seniority list (HQ Employee)Others17/07/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
322 4735 1916_EM07_10072019 Regarding giving preference by AE(T) for RegularisationOthers10/07/2019MD UPPCL
323 4736 2858_SAD-11_PCL_09072019 Tentative house allotment seniority list (HQ Employee)Others09/07/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
324 4733 1200_Work/14_PCL_08072019 Target of Plantation of PlantsOthers08/07/2019MD UPPCL
325 4725 2226_IR_06072019 Regarding giving preference to the candidates receiving the training from UPPCL & Discom in selection process.Others06/07/2019BOD UPPCL
326 4698 2679_SAD-11_PCL_27062019 Corrigendum House Allotment (HQ)Others29/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
327 4750 1121_EM04_PCL_28062019 Corrigendum of Order No. 04_EM04_PCL Date 11.06.2019Others28/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
328 4669 500_MP&AA-01_PCL_25062019 Regarding Transfer policyOthers25/06/2019BOD UPPCL
329 4663 2567_SAD-11_PCL_22062019 House Allotment HQOthers22/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
330 4661 631_KVN & VP-29_PCL_22062019 Regarding VDA/EPF of UP Purva Sanik Kalyan Nigam Ltd.Others22/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
331 4662 2564_SAD-11_PCL_22062019 House Allotment HQOthers22/06/2019DS (SAD-11)
332 4685 1095_Work/14_PCL_21062019 Corporate Store Purchasing / Work Committee of UP Power Corporation LimitedOthers21/06/2019Chairman UPPCL
333 4658 710_PR-28_PCL_19062019 Regarding the arrangement of the Pension CourtOthers19/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
334 4655 2421_SAD-11_PCL_15062019 Final House Allotment Seniority List of HQ EmployeeOthers15/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
335 4654 1023_GCAO6_14062019 Notice Regarding promotions in the Class-III Employees of the Class-IV Employees Accredited in UPPCLOthers14/06/2019DGM (AA)
336 4713 463_LW(21)_PCL_13062019 Fee Details in Honble High Court WritOthers13/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
337 4642 2273_SAD-11_PCL_04062019 Tentative House Allotment Seniority List of HQ EmployeeOthers04/06/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
338 4640 430_MP&AA-01_03062019 Transfer Policy 2019-20Others03/06/2019BOD UPPCL
339 4629 1228_EM07_29052019 Regarding seniority of Sri Amit Raj Chitravanshi & Sri Pawan KumarOthers29/05/2019Chairman
340 4625 36_DGM(Tax)_GST cell_17052019 Regarding the arrangement of income tax on LODAOthers17/05/2019AO (TAX)
341 4617 472_KVN&VP-29_PCL_10052019 Regarding the clarification of corporation retired Employee being kept on contract basis through the external service providerOthers10/05/2019MD UPPCL
342 4595 319_KVN&VP-29_PCL_03042019 Regarding the corporation retired Employee being kept on contract basis through the external service providerOthers03/04/2019BOD UPPCL
343 4576 409_Work-14_PCL_08032019 Regarding E-TenderingOthers08/03/2019BOD UPPCL
344 4556 323_to_326-VP(21)PCL Nomination of Panel AdvocatesOthers08/03/2019MD UPPCL
345 4541 446_EM07_07032019 Regarding Professional Exam Result (E&M)Others07/03/2019DIR(PA&ADMIN)
346 4542 447_EM07_07032019 Regarding Professional Exam Result (Civil)Others07/03/2019DIR(PA&ADMIN)
347 4564 378_GCAOCH_07032019 Joining Order of Assistant AccountantOthers07/03/2019Dy GM (Account Adm)
348 4536 1038_Trust_PCL_06032019 Regarding Issue of CPF Slip and Final CPF PaymentOthers06/03/2019Dir (F) UPPCL
349 4548 402_IR_21022019 New Guide Lines for Compensation in Electrical Accidents and DisabilityOthers21/02/2019Chairman UPPCL
350 4519 66_CE(C&EA)_LMV-10_15022019 Regarding LMV-10 (2017-18)Others15/02/2019MD UPPCL
351 4566 269_CE_PPA-R_07022019 In Absentia relive order of Er. Kallan Pd, EE (92087)Others07/02/2019CE (PPA-R)
352 4485 50_LW(21)PCL_22012019 Corrigendum Order Of OM No. 1420_LW(21)PCL Date 21.12.2018Others22/01/2019BOD UPPCL
353 4441 4829_IR_26122018 Grace relief moneyOthers26/12/2018BOD UPPCL
354 4445 892_T-10_PCL_26122018 Governing Body of ELECTRICITY TRAINING INSTITUTE, SAROJINI NAGAR (Lucknow)Others26/12/2018BOD
355 4447 3662_EM2B_PCL_22122018 Corrigendum Exam ControllerOthers22/12/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
356 4434 1420_LA-21_PCL_21122018 Regarding Process of Nomination of Panel Advocate in UPPCL and DiscomsOthers21/12/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
357 4803 500_CE(C&EA)_18122018 Proof of Identity for Nivesh Mitra Portal applying for New ConnectionOthers18/12/2018Chairman UPPCL
358 4448 2824_GCAO6_12122018 Training Corrigendum of Asst. AccountantOthers12/12/2018DGM (AA)
359 4577 3641_SAD-11_PCL_01122018 Regarding Sh. Chandra Dev Ram Security GuardOthers01/12/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
360 4377 3337_Work_PCL_13112018 Regarding 5% Supervision ChargesOthers13/11/2018Chairman UPPCL
361 4374 2620_GCAO6_02112018 Training Programme of Accountant 14.11.2018 to 13.12.2018Others02/11/2018DGM (AA)
362 4360 4167_EM07_30102018 Regularisation of AE(T) Electrical-2016Others30/10/2018MD UPPCL
363 4362 4168_EM07_30102018 Regularisation of AE(T) Computer Sci. -2017Others30/10/2018MD UPPCL
364 4363 4170_EM07_30102018 Regularisation of AE(T) Civil -2017Others30/10/2018MD UPPCL
365 4359 4166_EM07_30-10-2018 Regularisation of AE(T) ElectricalOthers30/10/2018MD UPPCL
366 4343 3102_EM2B_PCL_10102018 Examination Controller 17-18.10.2018Others10/10/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
367 4347 4004_IR_06102018 Guide Lines for Compensation in Electrical Accidents and DisabilityOthers06/10/2018BOD UPPCL
368 4349 361_CE(C-II)_Raid Unit_PCL_2018 Use of domestic electricity in commercial not an offence of electricity act-135 upto 5 kwOthers04/10/2018MD UPPCL
369 4330 1022_MP&AA-01_PCL_03102018 Comprehensive Awards for the year 2018-19Others03/10/2018BOD UPPCL
370 4341 2977_W-14_PCL_03102018 Regarding Android Tablet for Junior EngineerOthers03/10/2018BOD UPPCL
371 4328 3012_EM2B_01102018 Examination Controller 06-07.10.2018Others01/10/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
372 4320 990_MP&AA-01_PCL_25092018 Constitution of Demand Side Management UnitOthers25/09/2018BOD UPPCL
373 4302 2927_EM2B_24092018 OM OF EXAMINATION CONTROLLEROthers24/09/2018DIRECTOR (PM&A), UPPCL
374 4301 3768_EM07_22092018 Regarding Seniority of Sri Harishchandra NimeshOthers22/09/2018Chairman
375 4300 3725_EM07_18092018 Confirmation of AEsOthers18/09/2018MD,UPPCL
376 4297 2849_EM2B_PCL_17092018 Exam Controller 22-23.09.2018Others17/09/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
377 4292 3662_EM07_14092018 Regarding Seniority of Sri Harishchandra NimeshOthers14/09/2018Chairman
378 4291 3540_EM07_11092018 Result of Professional Exam Part (I)Others11/09/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCl
379 4285 2736_EM2B_PCL_04092018 Exam ControllerOthers04/09/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
380 4280 5160_Gopan-06_PCL_29082018 Representations against Adverse entries in ACROthers29/08/2018Chairman UPPCL
381 85910 1016_PR_PCL_28082021 Regarding reservation in outsourcing on contract basisOthers28/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
382 4258 2534_EM2B_PCL_20082018 Exam ControllerOthers20/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
383 4252 996_PR-28_PCL_18082018 Regarding Pension Cases Display on Discoms WebsiteOthers18/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
384 4257 2397_Work-14_PCL_18082018 Regarding Purchase/ Work orderOthers18/08/2018Chairman UPPCL
385 4248 3228_EM07_16082018 Result of Professional Exam Part I & II (E&M)Others16/08/2018Director (PM&A)
386 4249 3229_EM07_16082018 Result of Professional Exam Part I & II (Civil)Others16/08/2018Director (PM&A)
387 4253 4695_Gopan-06_PCL_16082018 Guideline regarding ACR EvaluationOthers16/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
388 4240 3307_IR_08082018 Expenditure permissible (4000/-) on Retired farewell ceremonyOthers08/08/2018BOD
389 4215 3219_EM07_28072018 Regularization of AE(T)-Computer ScienceOthers28/07/2018MD
390 4216 3220_EM07_27072018 Regularization of AE(T)-Electronics & TelecommunicationOthers28/07/2018MD
391 4225 3218_EM07_28072018 Regularization of AE(T)-ElectricalOthers28/07/2018MD
392 4202 1904_Gopan-06_PCL_23072018 Regarding ACR EvaluationOthers23/07/2018Chairman UPPCL
393 4194 860_P&R-28_PCL_16072018 Nodal officer for Reservration PostsOthers16/07/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
394 4195 381_Viniyam&KVN_PCL_16072018 Corrigendum Order UPSEB Teacher Service Regu-1995Others16/07/2018BOD
395 4193 1670_W-14_PCL_12072018 Regarding 5% Supervision ChargesOthers12/07/2018Chairman UPPCL
396 4198 1009_E-2_CEH_11072018 Regularization of JE(T) Recruitment-396/14Others11/07/2018CE (Hydel)
397 4205 1335_EM_04_06072018 Providing Details for Personal Information System (PIS)Others06/07/2018Dir (P&A) UPPCL
398 4166 1454_Work-14_PCL_2018 Regarding supervision charges in PTW EstimateOthers02/07/2018Chairman UPPCL
399 4141 901_Court Case-22_PCL_110618 Regarding to responsibilities of court cases (Contempt petition)Others11/06/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
400 4144 1180_W-14_PCL_06062018 Concerning to OM No.1058_W-14_PCL Dated-03.05.2018Others06/06/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
401 4116 1076_EM04_28052018 Attachment of AE himanshu shekhar anand(2016286)Others28/05/2018MD uppcl
402 4104 545_MP&AA-01_PCL_24052018 Chief Vigilance Officer UPPCL & Vigilance Officer UPPCLOthers24/05/2018Chairman UPPCL
403 4098 540_MP&AA-01_PCL_22052018 Vigilance Officer UPPCLOthers22/05/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
404 4088 528_KVN&VP-29_19052018 Sri P.N. Sahay (CGM) is nominated as representative of the Finance Sector for salary discrepanciesOthers19/05/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
405 4087 525_KVN&VP-29_180518 Formation of committee related to salary discrepanciesOthers18/05/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
406 4089 271_Viniyam&KVN_PCL_18052018 Creation of committee for process of Promotion of TG-2 to Junior EngineerOthers18/05/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
407 4083 1584_EM07_17052018 Direct Recruitment of AE(IT)Others17/05/2018BOD UPPCL
408 4077 447_MP&AA-01_PCL_16052018 Transfer Policy extended up to Date-20.05.2018 for DiscomsOthers16/05/2018Chairman UPPCL
409 4091 441_MP&AA-01_PCL_14052018 Regarding Posting Period of Workshop/Store officer/EmployeeOthers14/05/2018MD UPPCL
410 4066 387_MP&AA-01_PCL_30042018 Regarding transfer policyOthers30/04/2018Chairman UPPCL
411 4024 112_DSEM02A_20042018 DeploymentOthers20/04/2018Managing Director
412 4011 1029-EM-07-06-04-2018 Regarding Professional Exam Result of AE(E&M)Others06/04/2018Director(P&A)
413 4012 1030-EM-07-06-04-2018 Regarding Professional Exam Result of AE (Civil)Others06/04/2018Director(P&A)
414 4006 1036_EM07_06042018 Modification of Posting of promoted AEsOthers06/04/2018MD(PCL)
415 4014 410_LW((21)_PCL_06042018 Sri Mukesh Mohan Nigam Adv. (Reg. No.-UP-4109/1994) Removed from all UPPCL PannelOthers06/04/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
416 3958 640_EM07_22022018 I.D. allotment of Shri Amit Raj ChitravanshiOthers22/02/2018Dir (P & A)
417 3955 157_MP&AA-01_PCL_21022018 RTI,2005 Nodal officerOthers21/02/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
418 3953 650_W-14_PCL_20022018 Regarding Line Shifting Work By NHAIOthers20/02/2018Chairman UPPCL
419 3945 632_EM02B_PCL_12022018 Examination ControllerOthers12/02/2018Dir (PM&A)
420 3927 391-EM-07/PCL/2018 Confirmation of Assistant Engineers (E&M/Civil)Others31/01/2018MD(PCL)
421 3913 5567_EM-07/pcl/17 shudhi patrOthers12/01/2018MD(UPPCL)
422 3908 45_MP&AA-1_11012018 Regarding 55 New vigilance teamOthers11/01/2018BOD
423 3911 14_Regulation&KVN-29_10012018 Replacement arrangement for promotions on the post of Assistant Account OfficerOthers10/01/2018BOD
424 3893 No-52, 53, 54-em-07/pcl/18 Discom Allotment of AE(T)Others04/01/2018MD(PCL)
425 3873 350_Regulation & KVN-29_181217 Account (Officer) Service Regulation-1984 (Corrigendum)Others18/12/2017BOD
426 3870 342_KVN&Viniyam-29_15122017 Regarding to Operating Staff Service Regulations-1995Others15/12/2017BOD
427 3852 299_KVN&R_01122017 Work and responsibility of IT officers (SE to AE)Others01/12/2017BOD
428 3853 4843_W-14_PCL_01122017 Work Order Rights of AE (IT)Others01/12/2017BOD
429 3847 970_MP&AA-01_PCL_28112017 Cancellation Order No. 1301_MP&AA-01 Dated 28.10.2017Others28/11/2017BOD
430 3848 969_MP&AA_28112017 Post Detail of IT StructureOthers28/11/2017BOD
431 3846 4512_work_14_27112017 Revision of Financial Power of Deposit WorksOthers27/11/2017Chairman UPPCL
432 3822 800_MP&AA_23102017 Corrigendum Order of Order No. 425_MP&AA Dated 23.10.2017Others23/10/2017Chairman
433 3815 802_MP&AA_17102017 Office transfer of Additional Superintendent of Police(Vig.) PVVNLOthers17/10/2017Chairman
434 3809 790_MP&AA_01_2017_16102017 Regarding Determination of Duties of Junior engineerOthers16/10/2017Chairman
435 3792 4357_EM-07/PCL/17 SUddi PatrOthers03/10/2017MD(UPPCL)
436 3793 4358_EM-07/PCL/17 Suddi PatrOthers03/10/2017MD(UPPCL)
437 3776 4337_EM07_28092017 Discom allowtment of AE(T)-Electronics & Telecom.Others28/09/2017MD
438 3777 4338_EM07_28092017 Discom allowtment of AE(T)-ElectricalOthers28/09/2017MD
439 3774 4200_EM07_23092017 Confirmation omOthers23/09/2017MD
440 3750 139_R&KVN_07092017 Concern to the Promotion of Technician (Grade-2) (Electric)Others07/09/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
441 3745 135_R&KVN_05092017 Educational qualification and examination system for direct recruitment and departmental promotion to the post of Technician (Grade-2) (Electric)Others05/09/2017BOD
442 3744 1607_Anu-2_CEH_04092017 Regularisation of JE Batch 2012Others04/09/2017CE (Hydel)
443 3731 3014_EM02B_31082017 Examination ControllerOthers31/08/2017Director PM&A
444 3717 2520_EM-07/PCL/17 Final Inter-se-seniorityOthers30/08/2017Chairman (UPPCL)
445 3719 650_MP&AA_28082017 Detail of Sanction Post CE (Level-I) to AE in UPPCL UnitsOthers28/08/2017Chairman UPPCL
446 3729 3570_W-14_25082017 Government of India GeM Portal Authorised For Purchase of Comp./Laptop etc.Others25/08/2017Chairman UPPCL
447 3713 2653_EM-07_DT 25082017 Corrirendum against P. Test Order No 2490_EM_07_ dt 23082017Others25/08/2017MD UPPCL
448 3706 2490_EM-07/PCL/2017 Regarding result of Professional Test of AE(E&M)Others23/08/2017DIR (P&A)
449 3707 2491_EM-07/PCL/17 Regarding result of Professional Test of AE(CIVIL)Others23/08/2017DIR(P&A)
450 3709 1504_A-2_CEH_23082017 On Job Training Allotment of Sh. Shyam Singh JE(T)Others23/08/2017CE (Hydel)
451 3718 653_MP&AA_28082017 Partial Amendment Post of CE (Level-I) & CE (Level-II)Others21/08/2017Chairman UPPCL
452 3699 605_MP&AA_16082017 Nomination Of Ex-Member of UPPCL LucknowOthers16/08/2017MD UPPCL
453 3697 601_MP&AA_14082017 Reorganization of post of Uper Private Secretary and Private Secretary (Special Category)Others14/08/2017BOD
454 3696 602_MP&AA_14082017 Amendment in Order No.295_MP&AA Dated 15.05.2017Others14/08/2017BOD
455 3698 259_PCL_CA-AS_Trans_11082017 Related to Filling up 25 percent Expenditure in UPPTCL AccountsOthers11/08/2017Dir (F)
456 3693 112_KVN&VP_11082017 Amendment in Educational quilification for the Post of Technician Grade-IIOthers11/08/2017BOD
457 3694 113_R&KVN_11082017 Amendment in Educational quilification for the Post of Office Assistant-III (Account)Others11/08/2017BOD
458 3680 2378_EM-07/UPPCL/17 Regularization of AE(T)Others02/08/2017MD (UPPCL)
459 3664 550_MP& AA_28072017 Cancellation Of Order No.295_MP&AA Dated 15.05.2017Others28/07/2017BOD
460 3594 2294_SAD-11_11072017 Promotion & Posting (HQ)Others11/07/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
461 3551 3047_W/14_04072017 E-Tendering systemOthers04/07/2017BOD UPPCL
462 3553 90_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in written and typing examination system for direct recruitment to the post of Additional Private SecretaryOthers03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
463 3554 91_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in Educational qualification and examination system for direct recruitment to the post of Technician (Grade-2) (Electric)Others03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
464 3552 89_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in written and typing examination system for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Review OfficerOthers03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
465 3555 92_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in written and typing examination system for direct recruitment to the post of Computer AssistantOthers03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
466 3556 93_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in educational Qualification, written and typing examination system for direct recruitment to the post of office Assistant (III) (CE & Below office)Others03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
467 3557 94_R&KVN_03072017 Amendment in written and typing examination system for direct recruitment to the post of StenographerOthers03/07/2017BOD UPPCL
468 3571 1891-em-07/17 Promotion of JE to AEOthers30/06/2017MD
469 3508 1112_GCAO6_22062017 Promotion Order Of Assistant Acountant to AcountantOthers22/06/2017DGM (AA)
470 3469 892_A_2_03062017 Regarding of Sri Sunil Kumar (Roll No. 1107140622) JE (T)Others03/06/2017CE (Hydel)
471 3458 24_EM2B_23052017 Presence of Officer Visitor Meeting with Chairman at Shakti BhawanOthers23/05/2017Dir (PM&A)
472 3466 320_MP&AA_22052017 Nomination of Chief Vigilance Officer & Vigilance OfficerOthers22/05/2017MD UPPCL
473 3444 294_MP&AA_15052017 Regarding Dead post of Draftman and Technical AssistantOthers15/05/2017BOD
474 3445 295_MP&AA_15052017 Amendment Order of Sanction Post in Different officesOthers15/05/2017BOD
475 3421 2269_IR_01052017 Regarding Compensation AmountOthers01/05/2017BOD
476 3414 1253_EM02_29042017 Regarding of property detailsOthers29/04/2017Under Secretary2A
477 3412 1337_SAD_26_28042017 Corrigendum List of Public Holiday in Year-2017Others28/04/2017Dir (PM&A)
478 3407 1268-SAD-11/PCL/2017 Submission of Property StatementOthers22/04/2017Joint Secretary (SA)
479 3401 363/CE(C&EA)/OTS_18042017 Corrigendum of O.T.S. Scheme for LMV-1, LMV-2, LMV-4B, LMV-5 and LMV-6 Series Eletric Consumer 2017-18Others18/04/2017Director (Commercial)
480 3394 836_EM07 Regularigation of AE(T) 2015Others12/04/2017MD UPPCL
481 3393 834_EM07 Regularigation of AE(T)- 2014Others12/04/2017MD UPPCL
482 3395 835_EMO7_12042017 Regularization of AE(T)-2015 BatchOthers12/04/2017MD UPPCL
483 3357 883, 885_EM07 Discom allotment of AE(T) (C.S.) & (CIVIL)Others30/03/2017MD UPPCL
484 3358 885_EM07 Discom allotment of AE(T) (CIVIL)Others30/03/2017MD UPPCL
485 3346 289_Anu-7_CEH House Allotment OfficersOthers18/03/2017Chief Engr Hydel
486 3347 290_Anu-7_CEH House Allotment Application NavinikaranOthers18/03/2017Chief Engr Hydel
487 3348 App.form _House Allotmnt-Officrs Officers House Allotment Reqst FormOthers18/03/2017Chief Engr Hydel
488 3340 120_R-APDRP_100317 Information of Tender CancellationOthers10/03/2017CMD
489 3337 440em_07 professional test part-1 & 2 ResultOthers02/03/2017Dir (P & M)
490 3371 176_LA_28032017 Nomination of Sri Chandra Mohan Pathak (A.R.No.-5200/1995) Advocate & Service Tax Advisor in UPPCLOthers28/02/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
491 3331 491_EM07_17022017 Confirmation of AEs (E&M)Others17/02/2017MD
492 3318 198_EM07_21012016 Seniority noticeOthers21/01/2017MD
493 3316 132-EM-07/PCL/17, Dt. 16-01-2017 Sri Suresh Kumar Sharma, Change Discom OrderOthers16/01/2017Director (P&A)
494 3317 55 Kavini evam ve pra -29/p.co.l./17-13 kavini evam ve pra/09 regarding revised salary structure of uppcl,upptcl and other companiesOthers12/01/2017joint secratory
495 3268 4277_EM07_27122016 DOB Corrigendum of Sri Rakesh Kumar Sinha(Sr. No.8827)Others27/12/2016Dir (PM&A)
496 3309 4457_EM07_26122016 Confirmation of AEs (E&M)Others26/12/2016MD
497 3269 4288_EM07_24122016 Confirmation of Sh.Arvind Kumar 2010113Others24/12/2016Dir (PM&A)
498 3255 4218_EM07_17122016 Confirmation of AEs (E&M)Others17/12/2016Dir(PM&A)
499 3250 1180_P&R_28/PCL/16_13122016 Compliance of Permissible ReservrationOthers13/12/2016JS
500 3244 4073_EM07_PCL_07122016 Corrigendum of sri Sarvesh Kumar JE (Sr. No.8833)Others07/12/2016Dir (PM&A)
501 3243 4057_EM07_PCL Change of Home District of Sh Ashwarya singh AE(T)Others03/12/2016Dir (PM&A)
502 3231 3896-EM07, dt- 15-11-2016 Discom allotment order of AE(T) sri Prem Chandra MauryaOthers15/11/2016MD
503 3224 312/PCL/CA-AS/1 Collection Charges on Transaction in Online Payment of Electric Bill in CSC (R-APDRP Areas)Others05/11/2016Dir (F)
504 3225 313/PCL/CA-AS/1 Collection Charges on Transaction in Online Payment of Electric Bill in CSC Non R-APDRP AreasOthers05/11/2016Dir (F)
505 3221 3807-EM-O7/PCL Discom Allotment of Sri Pradeep Singh Yadaw AE(T)Others04/11/2016MD
506 3218 1053-P&R-28/PCL/16 Meeting Agenda of Chief Secretary in Dated 02.08.2016Others03/11/2016JS
507 3220 3149/GCAO6/155G/65 Confirmation of Assistant AccountantOthers03/11/2016DGM (AA)
508 3214 4242-AS/2016 Related to Payment of Contract Labour (SAMVIDA) of S/S & Line MaintenanceOthers24/10/2016Dir (PM&A)
509 3211 4198-AS/2016-116 Concern to Payment of Ex Gratia Amount to UPPCL Employee for year 2014-15Others19/10/2016BOD
510 3203 3667_EM07_15102016 Revised Training Program of AE(T)Others15/10/2016Dir(P&M)
511 3206 4095-AS/2016-19(125)AS/2001 Compensation amount in electrical accidental cases.Others13/10/2016BOD
512 3199 1556/Trust/G.P.F. Applicable Interest On G.P.F./C.P.F.Others06/10/2016GM (F&A)
513 3198 3389-EM(O2B)/PCL/2016 Nomination of Examination Controller for 'TG-II(T) ELECT.'Others04/10/2016Dir (PM&A)
514 3196 2872/GCOA6/06A/2016 Regularize of Assistant Accountant(T)Others27/09/2016DGM(AA)
515 3180 3331-EM07/PCL/16-09-EM-07/06 Corrigendum of Latter No-535-Anu-I/CEH/DOB/16 Dated-17.08.2016 Sh. Ashok k Prabhakar AEOthers03/09/2016Dir (PM&A)
516 3165 3178-EM07-23-08-2016 Regarding Corrigendum letterOthers23/08/2016Dir (P&A)
517 3166 3179_EM07 23-08-2016 Regarding Corrigendum letterOthers23/08/2016Dir (P&A)
518 3162 3173 Regarding Prof. test (E/M)Others23/08/2016Dir (P&A)
519 3163 3174_EM07 23-08-2016 Regarding Prof. Test (Civil)Others23/08/2016Dir (P&A)
520 3155 2752_pcl corrigendum in joining orderOthers09/08/2016DIR(PM&A)
521 3147 4110-gopan(06)/uppcl/16 dt 08-08-2016 Details of non-available ACRs of Engineer Officers for the last 10 years.Others08/08/2016DS Gopan
522 3150 2721_pcl_2009140 Corrigendum in Joining orderOthers06/08/2016DIR(PM&A)
523 3129 2954_EM07_27072016 Corigendom of Order no.2893_EM07Others27/07/2016MD
524 3102 2048_PCL Order of Sri Ahmed Ali on Deputation in Utpadan NigamOthers21/07/2016MD,UPPCL
525 3098 1118 regarding joining of JEOthers20/07/2016C.E.HYDEL
526 3093 1978_PCL_2016_10 New joining of OfficersOthers18/07/2016MD,UPPCL
527 3094 1977_PCL_2016_10 Promotion & Posting of OfficersOthers18/07/2016MD,UPPCL
528 3095 2451_pcl_2016_02 List of Engrs. working as a ExAMINATION CONTROLLER on 24/07/16 by Electricity Service CommissionOthers18/07/2016MD,UPPCL
529 3078 2766_159_A_040716 Prohibition of Strike by UP SarkarOthers04/07/2016Dy. Secy.
530 3076 739/290616 Training of TG-II(T) from 14/07/16 to 12/08/16Others29/06/2016DIR(ETI)
531 3057 1689_EM-02B Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidhuti Karan YojanaOthers23/05/2016MD, UPPCL
532 3050 2163_EM07_13052016 Corrigendum of OM-2068_EM07Others13/05/2016Dir(PM&A)
533 3051 2010_EM07_28042016 CorrigendumOthers28/04/2016MD
534 3052 2011_EM07_28042016 CorrigendumOthers28/04/2016MD
535 3027 38_Viniyam_280416 Amendment of Essential qualification in TG-2Others28/04/2016BOD
536 3028 39_Viniyam_280416 Amendment in essential qualification in OA-III/Assistant AccountantOthers28/04/2016BOD
537 3029 40_Viniyam_280416 Amendment in essential qualification Steno-III/OA-IIIOthers28/04/2016BOD
538 3861 40_Viniyam/Kavini-29_28042016 Amendment in written examination system and educational Qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Stenographer-III & OA-IIIOthers28/04/2016BOD
539 3005 1915_EM07_16042016 Result of professional Part 1 (Civil)Others16/04/2016Dir (PM&A)
540 3008 1914_EM07 Result of professional part 1 & 2 (E&M)Others16/04/2016Dir (PM&A)
541 2991 411_EM05A_020416 Enquiry CommitteeOthers02/04/2016Chairman
542 3863 22_Viniyam/Kavini-29_25022016 Clerical cadre employee service regulation-2015Others25/02/2016BOD
543 3862 23_Viniyam/Kavini-29_25022016 Additional Private Secretary Regulation-2015Others25/02/2016BOD
544 2946 101_KVN_040216 Food allowance for security guardOthers04/02/2016BOD
545 2933 464_IR_030216 OM due to Electrical AccidentOthers03/02/2016Dir(PM&A)
546 2917 45_A2_CEH_120116 Performance Report of JE(T)Others12/01/2016CE(Hyd)
547 2842 4384_IR_051115 Ex GratiaOthers05/11/2015Chairman
548 3859 75_Viniyam & Kavini_09102015 Regulations relating to the recruitment and conditions of service of the Accounts Staff(Class-III)Others09/10/2015BOD
549 3912 71_Regulation&KVN_06102015 Regarding the termination of the interview with the examination systemOthers06/10/2015BOD
550 2710 3057_EM02B_19082015 Nomination of Controller of ExamOthers19/08/2015Director (PM&A)
551 2696 583_KVN_010815 OM for OA-1Others01/08/2015MD
552 2685 1728_EM_07 Regarding Name CorrectionOthers16/07/2015Director
553 2686 1765_EM_07 Regarding Name CorrectionOthers16/07/2015Director
554 2682 1690-EM-07 NiyamitikarnOthers10/07/2015MD
555 2672 516_KVN_040715 Cycle allowance revisedOthers04/07/2015BOD
556 2674 520_KVN_040715 Local Outdoor Duty Allowance revisedOthers04/07/2015BOD
557 4804 697_Work-14_PCL_30062015 Simplification of the existing procedure for issuing New Electric ConnectionOthers30/06/2015MD UPPCL
558 2640 2269_IR_250615 OM for deceased quotaOthers25/06/2015BOD
559 4806 UPREC__2015-550_16062015 U.P. Electricity Supply Code Sixth AmendmentOthers16/06/2015Secretary
560 2608 40_MP_Training_KVN_060615 Viniyam Related Company SecretaryOthers06/06/2015BOD
561 2545 521_A1_CEH_180515 Confirmation of JE(E&M)Others18/05/2015CE(Hyd)
562 2544 444_A1_CEH_06515 Confirmation of JE(E&M)Others06/05/2015CE(Hyd)
563 2523 295_KVN_070415 Wages of retired OA-1 of UPPCLOthers07/04/2015MD
564 2504 327_Anu_1_CEH_250315 Confirmation of JE(E&M)Others25/03/2015CE(H)
565 2451 343_GCAO6_290115 Confirmation of AAOOthers29/01/2015DGM(AA)
566 2438 46_NG_160115 Related additional charge of JEOthers16/01/2015Dir(PM&A)
567 2425 250_EM2A_080115 Tentative inter-se-seniority listOthers08/01/2015Chairman
568 2413 38_SA11_060115 Additional WorksOthers06/01/2015Dir(PM&A)
569 2407 05_SAD26_020115 List of holidaysOthers02/01/2015Dir(PM&A)
570 2359 4097_IR_011214 Human Right DayOthers01/12/2014Dir(PM&A)
571 2348 3491_SA11_011214 OMOthers01/12/2014Dir(PM&A)
572 2322 5049_EM07_181114 OMOthers18/11/2014Dir(PM&A)
573 2296 3556_IR_221014 Ex Gratia to employee for year 2013-14Others22/10/2014Chairman
574 2292 894_Anu_1_CEH_201014 Confirmation JE (Civil)Others20/10/2014CE(H)
575 2295 893_Anu_1_201014 Confirmation of JE (E&M)Others20/10/2014CE(Hydel)
576 2286 4748_EM07_171014 Result of professional Part 1 & 2 held on 13/06/14Others17/10/2014Dir(PM&A)
577 2279 4703_EM07_131014 result of Professional ExamOthers13/10/2014Dir(PM&A)
578 2234 2121_MP_Training_120914 Pay Related Order of R-APDRPOthers12/09/2014MD
579 2240 4254_EM07_09914 Confirmation of AE (E&M)Others09/09/2014MD
580 2204 4064_EM07_250814 OM for Sri Praveen Kumar AE ID 2009067Others25/08/2014Dir(PM&A)
581 2202 4049_EM07_230814 CorrigendumOthers23/08/2014MD
582 2203 4029_EM07_230814 CorrigendumOthers23/08/2014Dir(PM&A)
583 2210 1030_Law_21_110814 Related to court cases of DISCOMOthers11/08/2014Chairman
584 2188 114_Viniyam_KVN_040814 Regarding 8.33% QuotaOthers04/08/2014Chairman
585 2164 685_KVN_220714 Disbursement of Salary of July-14 on 26 July-2014Others22/07/2014JS(KVN)
586 2184 55_Viniyam_170714 OM for Sanction post of AEOthers17/07/2014JS(KVN)
587 2148 3363_EM07_020714 Corrigendum of OM 3335-EM-07 date 300614Others02/07/2014MD
588 2146 3333_EM07_300614 Permanent AE (E&M)Others30/06/2014MD
589 2147 3334_EM07_300614 OMOthers30/06/2014MD
590 2142 3321_EM07_280614 Permanent of AE (E&M/Civil)Others28/06/2014Dir(PM&A)
591 2130 04_EM04_2806-2014 Transfer Order AEOthers28/06/2014MD
592 2121 3254_EM07_240614 Mohd Shahid AE ID 200201Others24/06/2014Dir(PM&A)
593 2118 3181_EM07_190614 Corrigendum ID 2012125Others19/06/2014JS
594 2098 1642_IR_270514 OM 1642-IR/2014Others27/05/2014Dir(PM&A)
595 2086 1009_IR_220314 EPF of workman of contractOthers22/03/2014MD
596 2083 869_IR_120314 To follow strictly Labour ActOthers12/03/2014Chairman
597 2082 31_EM(2A)/2014 Promotion OrderOthers04/03/2014MD
598 2067 634_A2_010314 Time extended to verify of documents of newly selected JE(T)Others01/03/2014CE(Hydel)
599 2068 686_IR_280214 Departmental Accidental CasesOthers28/02/2014MD
600 2071 755_Gopan06_280214 To know ACR on UPPCL websiteOthers28/02/2014Dir(PM&A)
601 2072 756_Gopan06_280214 Direction for submission of ACROthers28/02/2014Dir(PM&A)
602 2045 181_Training_10_180214 Requirement of AE (Electrical) on deputationOthers18/02/2014JS(MP& Tr)
603 2024 433_IR_010214 Regarding Notice given by Vidyut Karmchari Sayunk Sangharsh Samiti UPOthers01/02/2014Dir(PM&A)
604 2012 09_Viniyam_290114 OMOthers29/01/2014Chairman
605 1979 45_KVN_090114 To cancel Relaxation in service rule-2013 in prmotionOthers09/01/2014JS(KVN)
606 1971 10_SAD26_060114 List of Holidays of UPPCL HQ and other Offices for Jan/Feb/Mar-2014Others06/01/2014Dir(PM&A)
607 1975 80_IR_040114 Strike ban for 6 months in all Energy Corporation/CompanyOthers04/01/2014DGM(IR)
608 1922 3859_EM03_141113 Self Retirement of Er O P Pandey AE ID 2001113Others14/11/2013Chairman
609 1921 3975_SA11_121113 Additional Charge Against OM 3975-SA11/PCL/2013-26-SA/2001Others12/11/2013Dir(PM&A)
610 1917 3871_SA11_111113 Additional charge against OM 3871-SA-11/PCL/2013-26-SA/2001Others11/11/2013Dir(PM&A)
611 1915 3205_IR_301013 Ex Gratia to Employee for year 2012-2013Others30/10/2013Chairman
612 1918 857_Work_14_111013 BOD meeting 101(16)/13 decided for comparative statementOthers11/10/2013BOD
613 1905 582_KVN29_101013 RESPO Unit under Director (Distribution)Others10/10/2013MD
614 1886 3522_SA11_300913 Additional ChargeOthers30/09/2013MD
615 1879 3463_SA11_270913 Sri Ramendra Prasad Srivastava on deputation in UPRVUNLOthers27/09/2013Dir(PM&A)
616 1857 3928_EM07_110913 Resignation of Sri Vindhesh Kumar Yadav AE(T) Roll No. 11202883Others11/09/2013Chairman
617 1822 1791_SAD_160813 To donate one day salary to Chief Minister Relief Fund against Uttarakhand disasterOthers16/08/2013Secretary
618 1832 3735_EM07_160813 Sri Ravindra Prakash Gautam Promotion cancelOthers16/08/2013MD
619 1782 3265_EM07_150713 Result of professional part 1 & 2Others15/07/2013Dir(PM&A)
620 1786 2104_IR_110713 Clarification on graduation on deceased appointmentOthers11/07/2013DGM(IR)
621 1734 1961_IR_280613 Related strike by Vidyut Karmchari Sayunkt Sangharsh Samiti U.P. dated 20-21 Feb-2013Others28/06/2013DGM(IR)
622 1725 563_PAR_240613 Women Reservation of direct recruitmentOthers24/06/2013Directors Committee
623 1727 1602_EM07_240613 Corrigendum OM no. 2134_EM07_160712Others24/06/2013Dir(PM&A)
624 1724 600_MP_240613 Corrigendum of letter No. 591-MP of dated 31/05/13Others24/06/2013Dy Sect(MP)
625 1688 1535_SA11_150513 OM for Sri Sharfuddin Ahmad PSOthers15/05/2013Dir (PM&A)
626 1675 1293_IR_040513 To related strike notice given by Vidyut Karmchari Sayunkt Sangharsh Samiti UP on dated 13/05/13Others04/05/2013DGM (IR)
627 1670 339_Work14_010513 Sri Keshav Ram Rtd. Chief Engineer appointed as AdvisorOthers01/05/2013MD
628 1645 10_Viniyam_250313 Partially modified PCL OM 27_Viniyam dated 04/09/13 & 07_Viniyam dated 08/03/13Others25/03/2013MD
629 1637 131_KVN_150313 Option for six Pay extended for 3 monthsOthers15/03/2013MD
630 1636 07_Viniyam_080313