Effective Date From Date To
Section No. of Orders (Top)
SNo.OfficeOrderIdOffice Order No.SubjectSectionEffective DateOrder By
1 86877 246_Work_01022023 Regarding to Performance Security/ Additional Performance Security/Bid Security Earnest money depositEstablishment Rules01/02/2023MD UPPCL
2 86871 298_Work_14_PCL_31012023 Regarding the Nomination of Nodal Officer for corruption related information and recordsEstablishment Rules31/01/2023Chairman UPPCL
3 86872 60_KVN_PCL_30012023 3rd Amendment in UPPCL Employees (Discipline and appeal) Regulations 2020Establishment Rules30/01/2023BOD UPPCL
4 86868 104_CPF Trust_28012023 New CPF No. Allotment Process in ERPEstablishment Rules28/01/2023Chairman Trust
5 86841 86_Work-14_16012023 2.5 Percent supervision charges in Line shifting by National Highway AuthorityEstablishment Rules16/01/2023MD UPPCL
6 86839 2952_Work-14_13012023 Corrigendum in Internal Audit PolicyEstablishment Rules13/01/2023Chairman UPPCL
7 86798 35_PCL_Social Media_14122022 Regarding Official Youtube channelEstablishment Rules14/12/2022Dir Commercial UPPCL
8 86796 1475_MPI-01_13122022 Regarding authorization for activities related to ERPEstablishment Rules13/12/2022MD, UPPCL
9 86786 1562_MPI_09122022 Regarding Nodal officer for CM Dashboard (Darpan) portalEstablishment Rules09/12/2022Chairman UPPCL
10 86782 1555_MPI-01_07122022 Employees and Officers Main Responsibilities, Supervisory Responsibilities and AdministrativeEstablishment Rules07/12/2022Chairman UPPCL
11 86792 63_CEC_03122022 Projec Admin for CM Dashboard (Darpan)Establishment Rules03/12/2022Dir (Comm) UPPCL
12 86774 1465_MPI_30112022 Regarding 10th inquiry committeeEstablishment Rules30/11/2022Chairman UPPCL
13 86780 1724_P&R_28_30112022 Regarding organizing Pensioners day on dated 17 decemberEstablishment Rules30/11/2022AS-III
14 86770 59_CEC_26112022 Projec Admin for CM Dashboard (Darpan)Establishment Rules26/11/2022Dir (Comm) UPPCL
15 86755 1470_MPI_17112022 Nodal officer for CM Dashboard (Darpan), Manav Sampada Portal and Integrated service portalEstablishment Rules17/11/2022Chairman UPPCL
16 86793 950_KVN_PCL_11112022 2nd Amendment in UPPCL Employees (Discipline and appeal) Regulations 2020Establishment Rules11/11/2022BOD UPPCL
17 86748 945_KVN_10112022 Time limit for disposal of services under BRAP Year-2022Establishment Rules10/11/2022BOD UPPCL
18 86746 12468_Gopan_07112022 ACR ERP online processEstablishment Rules07/11/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
19 86720 1089_NG(9A)_20102022 Corrigendum for Home District ChangeEstablishment Rules20/10/2022Chairman UPPCL
20 86680 1310_P&R_28_19092022 Direct Recruitment Rules 2022 for the posts of outstanding sports personsEstablishment Rules19/09/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
21 86681 1309_P&R_28_19092022 Regarding providing 2 percent (horizontal) reservation in third and fourth class post of uttar pradesh talented/skilled playerEstablishment Rules19/09/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
22 86676 1307_PR-28_17092022 Regarding the cancellation of the system of compensation under Compensation Act-1923Establishment Rules17/09/2022BOD UPPCL
23 86675 1360_CPF Trust_15092022 Regarding rectification of erroneous details entered in the ERP Payroll Master till 25 Sep. 2022Establishment Rules15/09/2022MD UPPCL
24 86677 2060_Work_12092022 Internal Audit PolicyEstablishment Rules12/09/2022Chairman UPPCL
25 86665 735_KVN_08092022 Compulsory training is relaxed for some postsEstablishment Rules08/09/2022BOD UPPCL
26 86664 2001_Work-14_03092022 Circumstances and Procedure for banning Business with firms and revocation of debarring/blacklisting orderEstablishment Rules03/09/2022Chairman UPPCL
27 86646 1194_CPF Trust_16082022 Regarding rectification of erroneous details entered in the ERP Payroll Master till 31 august 2022Establishment Rules16/08/2022Dir (Finance)
28 86620 3036_IR_06082022 In relation to giving stipend to apprentices under the Apprenticeship Act 1961Establishment Rules06/08/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
29 86613 936_DSM_02082022 Nodal Officer for Energy Audit of Discoms under RDSS SchemeEstablishment Rules02/08/2022MD UPPCL
30 86608 1159_CPF Trust_30072022 Regarding rectification of erroneous details entered in the ERP Payroll Master till 10 august 2022Establishment Rules30/07/2022Secretary Trust
31 86588 1097_CPF Trust_19072022 Regarding rectification of erroneous details entered in the ERP Payroll Master DataEstablishment Rules19/07/2022Secretary Trust
32 86462 785_MPI_PCL_13072022 The process of recruitment will be done by Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation against the vacant posts of Direct Recruitment of Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam LimitedEstablishment Rules13/07/2022BOD UPPCL
33 86469 1358_Work_06072022 Regarding publication of tender notices in newspapersEstablishment Rules06/07/2022MD UPPCL
34 86436 1327_Work_05072022 Nodal Officer for services of Janhit Guarantee AdhiniyamEstablishment Rules05/07/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
35 86355 1302_Work_30062022 Regarding One Director Nomination of Committee Member for purchase/work CommitteeEstablishment Rules30/06/2022Chairman UPPCL
36 86348 105_CE (MM)_UPPCL_25062022 Stock Issue Rate of Centralized Materials for Year 2022-23Establishment Rules25/06/2022CE MM UPPCL
37 86345 892_P&R-28_PCL_24062022 5 percent horizontal reservation for physically handicapped, dependents of freedom fighters and ex-servicemen in Group-B, C and DEstablishment Rules24/06/2022BOD UPPCL
38 86347 696_MPI_PCL_24062022 Regarding the implementation of the UP Janhit Guarantee Act-2011 more effectivelyEstablishment Rules24/06/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
39 86325 1011_Work-14_13062022 20 percent deviation limit of material purchaseEstablishment Rules13/06/2022Chairman UPPCL
40 86316 600_MPI_PCL_07062022 Nomination of Member for State Power Committee under UP Electricity Grid Code-2007Establishment Rules07/06/2022Chairman UPPCL
41 86259 786_EM04_PCL_12052022 Core Team for Revenue Management System (RMS) ProjectEstablishment Rules12/05/2022MD UPPCL
42 86254 966_Work-14_06052022 Nomination of Chief Engineer, DGM (Account Admin) for Purchase/Work Committee of UPPCL HeadquartersEstablishment Rules06/05/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
43 86253 637_Work-14_30042022 Regarding of Limits and Authority of Purchase/Work Committee of UPPCL HeadquarterEstablishment Rules30/04/2022Chairman UPPCL
44 86244 881_Work_14_PCL_28042022 Nodal Officer for Uttar Pradesh Anti Corruption PortalEstablishment Rules28/04/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
45 86237 670_Work-14_PCL_16042022 5 Percent supervision charges in 33 KV Line shifting for NCRTC, RRTC ProjectsEstablishment Rules16/04/2022Chairman UPPCL
46 86251 1056_EM03_13042022 Regarding No Objection Certificate for applying to external Institutions / Departments by the EmployeesEstablishment Rules13/04/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
47 86233 734_work_11042022 Nodal Officer of JEM PortalEstablishment Rules11/04/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
48 86214 721_Work_14_02042022 Regarding one other Director Nomination of Committee Member for purchase/work CommitteeEstablishment Rules02/04/2022Chairman
49 86236 1138_DGM_31032022 Regarding Advance/ Tentative Income Tax in ESS PortalEstablishment Rules31/03/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
50 86218 157_Trust_14022022 Regarding advance / final payment of the amount of Contributory Provident Fund CPF and Format A BEstablishment Rules14/02/2022Chairman (Trust)
51 86217 142_Trust_14022022 Regarding advance / final payment of the amount of General Provident Fund GPF and Format A BEstablishment Rules14/02/2022Chairman (Trust)
52 86202 378_work_11022022 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERP upto 31.01.2022Establishment Rules11/02/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
53 86171 70_MP AA & T01_PCL_08022022 Chief, supervisory and administrative responsibilities of officers and employees in case of electricity theftEstablishment Rules08/02/2022Chairman UPPCL
54 86173 370_Work_14_PCL_07022022 Regarding of limits and authority of purchase/work committee of uppcl headquarterEstablishment Rules07/02/2022Chairman UPPCL
55 86176 135_MP AA & T01_PCL_31012022 Regarding Posting of Secretary Trust UPPCLEstablishment Rules31/01/2022BOD UPPCL
56 86204 275_work_14_29012022 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERP upto 31.01.2022Establishment Rules29/01/2022Director (PM&A) UPPCL
57 86169 10_Work_28012022 Regarding charging of installation and supervision chargesEstablishment Rules28/01/2022Chairman UPPCL
58 86143 45_KVN_20012022 Fixation of bond money 3 LacEstablishment Rules20/01/2022BOD UPPCL
59 86144 142_Work-14_PCL_19012022 5% Supervision Charges for electrical work being done under Smart City ProjectEstablishment Rules19/01/2022BOD UPPCL
60 86180 206_DGM_15012022 Regarding Income Tax Calculation in ERPEstablishment Rules15/01/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
61 86148 80_Work-14_11012022 Nomination of Member of Purchase/ Work committee for Kesco to Sh Neeraj Chaurasia DGM(F)Establishment Rules11/01/2022Chairman UPPCL
62 86177 01_Work_01012022 Regarding of uploading the details of movable/Immovable Property declaration in ERP upto 31.01.2022Establishment Rules01/01/2022Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
63 86159 1837_PR-28_28122021 Regarding horizontal reservation of 4 percent in Group A, B, C and D for the HandicappedEstablishment Rules28/12/2021BOD UPPCL
64 86139 1099_KVN_27122021 Amendment in Assistant Engineer (AE) RegulationEstablishment Rules27/12/2021BOD UPPCL
65 86163 1670_MPAA&T01_PCL_10122021 Regarding the formation of the 9th Temporary Inquiry CommitteeEstablishment Rules10/12/2021Chairman UPPCL
66 86088 1021_Viniyam & KVN_09112021 Regarding authorization of Chief Engineer (Hydel) for Departmental Promotion on the basis of joint Seniority List of Technicians, former nickname TG2Establishment Rules09/11/2021Chairman UPPCL
67 85937 2861_SAD-11_02092021 Merging of Advertising Cell / Public Relations CellEstablishment Rules02/09/2021Chairman UPPCL
68 85919 1095_PR_16082021 Regarding Meeting of Nodal Officer for reservation Category Dated 26-08-2021Establishment Rules16/08/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
69 85921 1280_Work-14_PCL_16082021 Regarding Special Audit PolicyEstablishment Rules16/08/2021Chairman UPPCL
70 85907 602_KVN_PCL_04082021 Ist Amendment in UPPCL Employees (Discipline and appeal) Regulations 2020Establishment Rules04/08/2021BOD UPPCL
71 85982 808_MP&AA-01_PCL_04082021 Enquiry Committee RuleEstablishment Rules04/08/2021Chairman UPPCL
72 85984 850_MP&AA-01_PCL_28072021 Corregendum of Order 816_MP&AA-01_PCL_22072021Establishment Rules28/07/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
73 85983 816_MP&AA-01_PCL_22072021 Nominated Appellate Officer for Uttar Pradesh Power CorporationEstablishment Rules22/07/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
74 85820 445_Viniyam & KVN_06072021 Regarding implementation of 17 regulations of Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board in Uttar Pradesh Power CorporationEstablishment Rules06/07/2021BOD UPPCL
75 85981 574_MP&AA-01_PCL_03062021 Cancelled of Order 555_MP&AA-01_PCL_21052021 for Amendment in UPPCL (Accounts Staff) service Regulations-2015Establishment Rules03/06/2021Chairman UPPCL
76 85980 555_MP&AA-01_PCL_21052021 Amendment in UPPCL (Accounts Staff) service Regulations-2015Establishment Rules21/05/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
77 85747 542_MP&AA-01_PCL_04052021 Sanctioned posts of AccountantEstablishment Rules04/05/2021BOD UPPCL
78 85733 395_KVN&VP-29_PCL_30042021 Regarding recovery of Loan taken by Corporation Employee from Cooperative SocietiesEstablishment Rules30/04/2021BOD UPPCL
79 85734 390_KVN & VP-29_PCL_30042021 Clarification regarding the ACP systemEstablishment Rules30/04/2021JS (KVN)
80 85732 315_Regulation&KVN_29042021 Amendment in UPPCL (Accounts Staff) service Regulations-2015Establishment Rules29/04/2021BOD UPPCL
81 85979 470_MP&AA-01_PCL_12042021 Board Order in meting on dated 23-03-2021Establishment Rules12/04/2021BOD UPPCL
82 85978 451_MP&AA-01_PCL_07042021 Approval to extend till date 22-02-2022 for Sanction Post of AE(395) and JE (580)Establishment Rules07/04/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
83 85977 435_MP&AA-01_PCL_03042021 Correction Of Order No.550_MP&AA Dated 28.07.2017Establishment Rules03/04/2021BOD UPPCL
84 85681 848_IR_22032021 Regarding the amendment of the Apprenticeship Act 1992 under the Apprentices Act 1961Establishment Rules22/03/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
85 85669 81_CPF Trust_16032021 Regarding CPF Slip of EmployeeEstablishment Rules16/03/2021Secretary (Trust)
86 85647 225_KVN_PCL_09032021 Service Contract, Bond and Bond-Money of all cadre Employees for direct recruitment in UPPCLEstablishment Rules09/03/2021BOD UPPCL
87 85648 201_KVN_09032021 New Recommendation to substitute "UPSEB Account (Officer) Service Regulation-1984"Establishment Rules09/03/2021BOD UPPCL
88 85976 225_MP&AA-01_PCL_18022021 The Executive engineer Drawing and Distribution Officer is authorized for the salary / allowances and other payment work of the officer and employeeEstablishment Rules18/02/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
89 85975 70_MP&AA-01_PCL_16012021 Nominated to Nodal Officer for Mission EmploymentEstablishment Rules16/01/2021Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
90 85568 1220_MP&AA_15012021 Work and Responsibilities of Sdo/JE (Distribution)Establishment Rules15/01/2021Chairman UPPCL
91 85553 01_Viniyam & KVN_PCL_01012021 UPSEB Engineers Regulation-1970 (Amendment) of 1.33 quota mergerEstablishment Rules01/01/2021BOD UPPCL
92 65461 875_KVN_28102020 UPPCL Employee (Discipline and Appeal) Regulations, 2020Establishment Rules28/10/2020BOD UPPCL
93 65407 1904_IR_22092020 The Minimum Rate of Stipend Payable to apprentice Apprenticeship Rule 2019Establishment Rules22/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
94 35384 1051_KVN_16092020 Service Bond/ Bond Money and guidelines for first appointment all Garde Pay EmployeesEstablishment Rules16/09/2020US (KVN)
95 25364 995_Viniyam&KVN_02092020 Revised Rate of Traveling Allowance (TA)Establishment Rules02/09/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
96 25366 551_Viniyam&KVN_01092020 Junior Engineer (Civil) Regulation-2017 Ist-AmendmentEstablishment Rules01/09/2020BOD UPPCL
97 25362 987_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29082020 LODA for Disable Officer/EmployeesEstablishment Rules29/08/2020BOD UPPCL
98 25363 986_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29082020 Regarding BOND Money in case of leaving deparment for Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules29/08/2020AS-I
99 15361 870_PR_24082020 Regarding 4 percent reservation for disabled in Government Services instead of 3 percentEstablishment Rules24/08/2020BOD UPPCL
100 15321 1960_EM07_17082020 Confirmation of AE (E&M and Civil)Establishment Rules17/08/2020MD UPPCL
101 5235 743_Work-14_10062020 Loading of PCL O&M Expenses on DiscomEstablishment Rules10/06/2020MD UPPCL
102 5231 1195_EM07_08062020 IInd Time scale Er. Dayaram ChaudhariEstablishment Rules08/06/2020MD UPPCL
103 5227 201_Viniyam & KVN_PCL_03062020 Regarding to disciplinary proceedings against the Company SecretaryEstablishment Rules03/06/2020BOD UPPCL
104 5224 400_KVN&VP-29_PCL_28052020 Regarding abolition of City Compensatory Allowance from 01/06/2020Establishment Rules28/05/2020BOD UPPCL
105 5230 381_MP&AA-01_20052020 Regarding increasing the continuity of temporary posts (975) of Junior Engineer and Assistant EngineerEstablishment Rules20/05/2020Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
106 5116 99_Viniyam&Kavini_PCL_17022020 Regarding Civil Services rule clause-351 apply in UPPCLEstablishment Rules17/02/2020BOD UPPCL
107 5033 1091_MP&AA-01_PCL_20122019 Controlling of "Electricity Import-Export and Payment Circle" under Dir(CP)Establishment Rules20/12/2019Chairman UPPCL
108 5035 1719_DGM_20122019 Regarding issuance of No Objection Certificate in respect of Advances related to Building / Car / Scooter / Motor / Cycle.Establishment Rules20/12/2019DGM (F)
109 4884 1161_KVN&VP-29_PCL_01102019 Committee constituted to provide relaxation in qualifying service for Officer/Employee promotionEstablishment Rules01/10/2019Chairman UPPCL
110 4927 1186_KVN&VP_29_PCL_30092019 Regarding of Interpreters, computer operators, postgraduates, voluntary family welfare programs abolition allowancesEstablishment Rules30/09/2019BOD
111 4876 900_MP&AA-01_PCL_23092019 Formation of IT Cadre in UPPCLEstablishment Rules23/09/2019BOD UPPCL
112 4867 595_Viniyam&KVN_PCL_13092019 Personnel Officer Service Regulation-2019 Ist amendmentEstablishment Rules13/09/2019BOD UPPCL
113 4870 825_MP&AA-01_PCL_12092019 Formation of MD CellEstablishment Rules12/09/2019Chairman UPPCL
114 4832 1033_P&R-28_PCL_28082019 Regarding 10 Percent reservation for economically weaker category for appointment in Uttar Pradesh Power CorporationEstablishment Rules28/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
115 4831 791_MP&AA-01_PCL_27082019 Power of Chief Distribution to transfer of AAOEstablishment Rules27/08/2019BOD UPPCL
116 4821 780_MP&AA-01_PCL_26082019 Regarding Post of the Senior Public Relation Officer (PRO)Establishment Rules26/08/2019BOD UPPCL
117 4827 441_Viniyam&KVN_PCL_22082019 Personnel Officer Service Regulation-2019 (English)Establishment Rules22/08/2019BOD UPPCL
118 4828 441_Viniyam&KVN_22082019 Personnel Officer Service Regulation-2019 (Hindi)Establishment Rules22/08/2019BOD UPPCL
119 4820 3521_SAD-11_PCL_19082019 Regarding Sport and Award distributionEstablishment Rules19/08/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
120 4853 725_MP&AA-01_PCL_07082019 Sanction Post of AE(395) and JE (580)Establishment Rules07/08/2019Chairman UPPCL
121 4667 3478_DGM_18062019 Regarding Pay Fixation of Employee Period of Promoted Officer from P&A SectionEstablishment Rules18/06/2019DGM (AA)
122 4619 492_KVN&VP-29_PCL_15052019 Regarding Pay Fixation of JE Period of Promoted AE from P&A SectionEstablishment Rules15/05/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
123 4626 438_KVN&VP-29_PCL_04052019 Regarding EPF @13.15% of D to EPF@13% of D from dated 01.06.2018Establishment Rules04/05/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
124 4601 198_KVN&R-29_PCL_08042019 Amendment in Operative Employee service regulations-1995 TECHNICIAN(LINE)Establishment Rules08/04/2019Chairman UPPCL
125 4602 255_MP&AA-01_PCL_23032019 Formation of bond cellEstablishment Rules23/03/2019BOD UPPCL
126 4573 272_KVN&VP_ 18032019 Corrigendum of Order No. 240_KVN&VP_ 06032019Establishment Rules18/03/2019MD UPPCL
127 4565 141_KVN_PCL_08032019 Amendment in Operative Employee service regulations-1995Establishment Rules08/03/2019Chairman UPPCL
128 4562 252_KVN&VP-29_PCL_08032019 Cycle allowance 200/- per monthEstablishment Rules08/03/2019BOD UPPCL
129 4552 240_KVN&VP_ 06032019 Regarding remuneration of revised salary of regular vehicle DriverEstablishment Rules06/03/2019Chairman (UPPCL)
130 4532 275_PR-28_PCL_02032019 For payment of Electricity charged through APP of PensionersEstablishment Rules02/03/2019Chairman UPPCL
131 4528 179_MP&AA_PCL_26022019 Regarding the designation of the senior-most executive post of Chief General Manager(A&A) on the post of Executive DirectorEstablishment Rules26/02/2019BOD UPPCL
132 4526 215_KVN&VP-29_22022019 Departmental Selection Committee will edit the selection process after approval of Board of DirectorsEstablishment Rules22/02/2019BOD UPPCL
133 4522 516_MD_KOJAN READ._12022019 REGARDING THE WORK OF KOJAN GENERATOR READING/MRIEstablishment Rules12/02/2019Chairman UPPCL
134 4512 93_KVN&VP-29_PCL_05022019 Corrigendum of order no. 89_KVN&R-29_PCL_Date 04022019Establishment Rules05/02/2019Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
135 4511 89_KVN&VP-29_PCL_04022019 Amendment in employee service regulations-1995 Lineman to TechnicianEstablishment Rules04/02/2019BOD UPPCL
136 4502 78_KVN&VP-29_PCL_30012019 HRA, CCA for MD and DirectorsEstablishment Rules30/01/2019US (KVN)
137 4492 104_MP&AA-01_PCL_29012019 Designation Change of TG-2 in "Technician"Establishment Rules29/01/2019BOD
138 4494 102_MP&AA-01_PCL_29012019 Designation Change of Office Assistant and other officerEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD
139 4495 103_MP&AA-01_PCL_29012019 Designation Change of Office Assistant-III (Account)Establishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
140 4496 104_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29012019 Regarding Assistant Engineer 7th Pay fixation on Level-10 with two incrementsEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
141 4499 107_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29012019 Regarding Technician(TG-2) 7th Pay fixation on Level-04 with One incrementsEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
142 4500 106_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29012019 Two and one increments to Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
143 4498 108_KVN&VP-29_29012019 Regarding Account Officer 7th Pay fixation on Level-10 with two incrementsEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
144 4497 105_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29012019 Assistant Engineer 7th Pay fixation on Level-12 with two increments ACP SchemeEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
145 4501 109_KVN&VP-29_PCL_29012019 Regarding Om No. 95_KVN&VP-29 dated 25.01.2019 Notional Pay fixation under ACP SchemeEstablishment Rules29/01/2019BOD UPPCL
146 4491 30_SAD-12_PCL_28012019 Accommodation permissibility based on revised wage matrixEstablishment Rules28/01/2019Chairman UPPCL
147 4486 95_KVN&VP-29_25012019 Amendment in ACP systemEstablishment Rules25/01/2019US (KVN)
148 4463 10_Work-14_PCL_02012018 Power of CE(D) Work/PurchaseEstablishment Rules02/01/2019BOD UPPCL
149 4465 10_MP&AA-01_PCL_02012019 Power of Chief Distribution for Transfer and DP of AE Store, AE WorkshopEstablishment Rules02/01/2019BOD UPPCL
150 4352 1161_KVN&VP-29_PCL_26102018 Revised CCA According 7th PayEstablishment Rules26/10/2018BOD UPPCL
151 4353 1160_KVN&VP-29_PCL_26102018 Revised HRA According 7th PayEstablishment Rules26/10/2018BOD UPPCL
152 4329 530_Viniyam&KVN-29_PCL_031018 Dept. Selection Process from the Post TG-II to The Post Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules03/10/2018BOD UPPCL
153 4321 11_DGM/TAX_26092018 Guidelines regarding GST-TDSEstablishment Rules26/09/2018Adviser Tax
154 4287 920_MP&AA-01_PCL_060918 Regarding DP CaseEstablishment Rules06/09/2018Chairman UPPCL
155 4286 465_KVN&VP-29_PCL_04092018 Regarding mutatis mutandis of regulations of UPSEBEstablishment Rules04/09/2018Chairman UPPCL
156 4256 431_Viniyam and KVN_PCL_210818 Amendment in the Samvillean Regulations-2011 of Deputation EmployeesEstablishment Rules21/08/2018BOD
157 4234 840_MP&AA-01_PCL_08082018 Regarding Transfer, Short penalty /Major punishment and other administrative proceedingsEstablishment Rules08/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
158 4230 961_P&R-28_PCL_07082018 Regarding Pension revision of Pensioners/ Family Pensioners UPPCL and DiscomEstablishment Rules07/08/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
159 4232 890_KVN&VP-29_06082018 Regarding Nutritious diet allowance Rs. 600/- to 760/-Establishment Rules06/08/2018BOD
160 4221 855_KVN&VP-29_02082018 Corrigendum of Selection on Basis of Superiority and seniorityEstablishment Rules02/08/2018Chairman UPPCL
161 4213 850_KVN&VP-29_PCL_26072018 Selection on Basis of Superiority and seniorityEstablishment Rules26/07/2018BOD
162 4207 844_KVN & VP-29_PCL_24072018 Regarding option in 7th Pay revisionEstablishment Rules24/07/2018MD UPPCL
163 4163 740_KVN&VP-29_26062018 Regarding of Sri Ajay Agarwal, Retired, Secretary (Finance) Extension PeriodEstablishment Rules26/06/2018Chairman UPPCL
164 4155 536_KVN&VP_18062018 Choice of date for salary fixation under the basic rule 22-B on promotion.Establishment Rules18/06/2018Dir (P&A)
165 4156 535_KVN&VP_18062018 Regarding of OM No.999 KVN&VP_01.09.2017 for order of 7th pay commissionEstablishment Rules18/06/2018Dir (P&A)
166 4115 294_Viniyam&KVN_PCL_26052018 Reconstituted of committee for process of Promotion of TG-2 to Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules26/05/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
167 4109 580_KVN&VP-29_26052018 Reconstituted committee related to salary discrepanciesEstablishment Rules26/05/2018Chairman UPPCL
168 4079 461_MP&AA-01_PCL_16052018 'Contract Labour Troubleshooting Cell'Establishment Rules16/05/2018MD UPPCL
169 4078 442_MP&AA-01_PCL_14052018 Creation of 'Contract Labour Troubleshooting Cell'Establishment Rules14/05/2018MD UPPCL
170 4130 444_PR-28_PCL_11042018 Concordance table for Pensioners of UPPCL and companyEstablishment Rules11/04/2018US (PR)
171 3997 252_MP&AA-01_PCL_210318 Power management CellEstablishment Rules21/03/2018BOD
172 3983 266_KVN_07032018 Regarding to the Steno Cadre Review Petition High CourtEstablishment Rules07/03/2018MD UPPCL
173 3954 648_W-14_PCL_20022018 Rights given to J.E.(Distribution) of electric bill Revision up to 10 KWEstablishment Rules20/02/2018BOD
174 3939 58_CE_C-1_LMV-10_07022018 LMV-10 For Employees FY 2017-18Establishment Rules07/02/2018BOD
175 3937 61_Viniyam&KVN_29012018 Equivalent of CCC CertificateEstablishment Rules29/01/2018BOD
176 3938 85_KVN&VP-29_25012018 UP Govt. Employee Regulation-2013 & 2016 Apply on UPPCLEstablishment Rules25/01/2018BOD
177 3933 50_Viniyam&KVN_25012018 Junior Engineer (Civil) Service Regulation,2017Establishment Rules25/01/2018BOD
178 3919 90_KVN&VP-29_24012018 Corrigendum Order of grade payEstablishment Rules24/01/2018Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
179 3920 345_W-14_PCL_22012018 Bill Correction Power to JE(D) limit Rs.25000/-Establishment Rules22/01/2018Chairman UPPCL
180 3915 48_KVN&VP-29_PCL_15012018 Regarding Grade Pay 5400 to 6600 of Acct. Cadre & HQ Cadre OS-IIIEstablishment Rules15/01/2018BOD
181 3888 1320_P&R-28_29122017 Regarding Pension/ Gratuity/ commutation of Pensioners/ Family Pensioners (7th Pay)Establishment Rules29/12/2017Dir (PM&A) UPPCL
182 3845 1301_KVN&VP_27112017 Explanation of pay fixation & annual incrementEstablishment Rules27/11/2017Dir (PM&A)
183 4132 05_DGM(Tax)_2092017 Guideline Regarding GST on tenderEstablishment Rules20/09/2017DGM (Cor.Tax)
184 3760 1061_KVN&VP_19092017 Regarding salary fixation of 7th Pay and remittance payment processEstablishment Rules19/09/2017Dir (PM&A)
185 3736 999_KVN&VP_01092017 Order of 7th Pay Commision in UPPCL & Discoms, KescoEstablishment Rules01/09/2017BOD
186 3301 7667_DGM_30122016 Concern to Salary Fixation of Junior Engineer (JE)Establishment Rules30/12/2016DGM (AA)
187 3298 1090_KVN_21122016 Minimum Pay Rs12540 According GP 4600 of JEEstablishment Rules21/12/2016Chairman UPPCL
188 3299 1091_KVN_21122016 Special Salary Rs.450 to Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules21/12/2016Chairman UPPCL
189 3261 1083_KVN_20122016 HRA According Grade Pay Rs.4600 of Junior Engineer (J.E.)Establishment Rules20/12/2016CHAIRMAN UPPCL
190 3297 852_KVN_07102016 Grade Pay Rs.4600 of Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules07/12/2016BOD
191 3181 922-Work/14-PCL/2016-53-K/2016 Allotment of Work of SE(MM) in Discoms Under Controlling of UPPCLEstablishment Rules06/09/2016CHAIRMAN
192 3941 60_Viniyam&KVN_21082015 Related to final seniority and Reservration in PromotionEstablishment Rules21/08/2015Chairman UPPCL
193 2346 140_Viniyam_KVN_281114 OMEstablishment Rules28/11/2014BOD
194 2347 173_Viniyam_KVN_281114 OMEstablishment Rules28/11/2014BOD
195 2264 911_KVN_29_290914 Amendment in class of cities for HRAEstablishment Rules29/09/2014Dir(PM&A)
196 1997 08_Viniyam_160114 UPPCL HQ Officers service rule 2013Establishment Rules16/01/2014Chairman
197 1959 4831_2B_24122013 additional chargeEstablishment Rules24/12/2013MD
198 1789 409_KVN_200713 Clarification to fix pay in revised payEstablishment Rules20/07/2013JS(KVN)
199 1464 3152_IR_081012 Service condition for contract staffEstablishment Rules08/10/2012Dir (P&A)
200 1423 4435_SA11_220912 Secretariate Order1Establishment Rules22/09/2012Dir(P&A)
201 1424 4436_SA11_220912 Secretariate Order 2Establishment Rules22/09/2012Dir(P&A)
202 1373 1021_Works_290812 Purchase / Works Committee for Corporate StoreEstablishment Rules29/08/2012Chairman
203 1371 4558_CEH_Trans2nd_160812 House Rent : Flat wise Rent of Lucknow ColonyEstablishment Rules16/08/2012CE Civil Trans. 2nd
204 1341 2402_IR_090812 Labour on contract : Details of Service ConditionEstablishment Rules09/08/2012MD UPPCL
205 1307 2348_IR_030812 Service Condition : Labour on contractEstablishment Rules03/08/2012Dir (P&A)
206 1306 2347_IR_030812 Compensation Amount : IncreasedEstablishment Rules03/08/2012Dir (P&A)
207 1296 440_JS_010812 OM : For controlling order for finacialEstablishment Rules01/08/2012Chairman
208 1269 608_KVN_240712 Time scale committeeEstablishment Rules24/07/2012CMD
209 1252 896_works_200712 Corrigendum of 861_work_160712Establishment Rules20/07/2012Dy Sect
210 1251 620_KVN_190712 Regulatory Affairs Unit : Under Dir(F)Establishment Rules19/07/2012CMD
211 1227 2018_AS_050712 Disease :AmendmentEstablishment Rules05/07/2012Dir_P
212 1225 545_KVN_300612 HRA : SaharanpurEstablishment Rules30/06/2012JS
213 1224 549_KVN_290612 Control : RESSPOEstablishment Rules29/06/2012CMD
214 1208 460_IR_180612 Pay Revision OrderEstablishment Rules18/06/2012CMD
215 1189 1425_P_R_06062 PromotionEstablishment Rules06/06/2012DIR_P
216 1230 2498_EM_300612 Home DistrictEstablishment Rules02/06/2012Dy Sect.
217 1156 11_VINIAM_210512 RegulationEstablishment Rules21/05/2012CMD
218 1142 1238_P_R_160512 Promotion: DisabledEstablishment Rules16/05/2012Dir_P
219 1158 10_viniam_150512 RegulationEstablishment Rules15/05/2012CMD
220 1139 08_viniam_140512 Regulation : SeneriotyEstablishment Rules14/05/2012CMD
221 1110 05_Viniam_100512 Selection Committee: RegulationEstablishment Rules10/05/2012CMD
222 1108 06_VINIAM_090512 CE :Regulation changedEstablishment Rules09/05/2012CMD
223 1109 07_VINIAM_090512 Seniority : Regulation ChangedEstablishment Rules09/05/2012CMD
224 1107 1027_P_R_050512 CPF SchemeEstablishment Rules05/05/2012Add Secy_III
225 1297 194_GA_030512 House Rent : Flat RentEstablishment Rules03/05/2012CMD
226 1105 2907_Gopan_270412 Down Load ACR formEstablishment Rules27/04/2012Add. Secy.
227 1099 1193_CE_PCL230412 TRANSCO WEBSITEEstablishment Rules23/04/2012CMD
228 1092 279_KVN_130412 Admin Control: Planning wingEstablishment Rules13/04/2012CMD
229 1083 235_KVN_070412 Option form date extendedEstablishment Rules07/04/2012Dir_P
230 1061 113_Trans16_290212 Admin Control : SLDC-EOEstablishment Rules29/02/2012CMD
231 1008 101_MS_AR_01_100212 Admin Control Changed : Import Export CircleEstablishment Rules10/02/2012CMD
232 1005 04_Vinium_030212 Promotion JE : ClarificationEstablishment Rules03/02/2012DIR_P
233 991 151_IR_241211 RegulationEstablishment Rules24/12/2011CMD
234 972 847_comp_secy_171211 Director Technical PVVNLEstablishment Rules17/12/2011CMD
235 971 1455_works_151211 contract worker service terms & accidentsEstablishment Rules15/12/2011Add_Secy_I
236 968 1373_works_301111 NIC : Disposal of ComputerEstablishment Rules30/11/2011JS_works
237 949 3442_IR_211111 Regulation : DiseasedEstablishment Rules21/11/2011BOD
238 948 1003_KVN_191111 Child Care LeaveEstablishment Rules19/11/2011BOD
239 946 986_KVN_091111 Pay Scale : Chemist CadreEstablishment Rules09/11/2011JS_KVN
240 936 984_KVN_051111 Pay Scale : Grade Pay to AEEstablishment Rules05/11/2011JS_KVN
241 937 985_KVN_051111 Pay Scale : Grade PayEstablishment Rules05/11/2011JS_KVN
242 961 144_IR_041111 Promotion to Junior Engineer : Reg.Establishment Rules04/11/2011BOD
243 957 143_IR_041111 Committee for AE ConfirmationEstablishment Rules04/11/2011BOD
244 965 145_IR_041111 O Level CertificateEstablishment Rules04/11/2011BOD
245 966 146_IR_041111 O Level certificateEstablishment Rules04/11/2011BOD
246 967 147_IR_041111 O Level CertificateEstablishment Rules04/11/2011BOD
247 930 902_KVN_221011 Payment of Arrear: ProcessEstablishment Rules22/10/2011JS_KVN
248 917 2721_EM03_240811 Property StatementEstablishment Rules24/08/2011CMD
249 877 1755_EM07_180811 Professional Exam Result 230511Establishment Rules18/08/2011Dir
250 834 622_KVN_050711 Drivers : PaymentEstablishment Rules05/07/2011Acting add. Secy.
251 835 620_KVN_050711 Payment Petrol : Junior EngineerEstablishment Rules05/07/2011Acting Add. Secy
252 833 33_AR_020711 RegulationEstablishment Rules02/07/2011US
253 820 608_KVN_300611 Payment to Part Time SweeperEstablishment Rules30/06/2011CMD
254 814 34_IR_240611 Regulation : HQEstablishment Rules24/06/2011CMD
255 815 1347_EM07_230611 Confirmation -AE: Idno.2001102, 2001107, 2001116Establishment Rules23/06/2011Dir_P
256 798 32_IR_140611 Regulation AmmendmentEstablishment Rules14/06/2011US
257 792 27_IR_060611 RegulationEstablishment Rules06/06/2011CMD
258 793 795_A2_040611_CE_H Sri Pradeep Kumar shukla : JoiningEstablishment Rules04/06/2011CE_Hydel
259 749 473_KVN_310511 Time Scale OrderEstablishment Rules31/05/2011CMD
260 748 461_KVN_280511 Time Scale: AccountsEstablishment Rules28/05/2011BOD
261 746 428_KVN_200511 Revision of TA RatesEstablishment Rules20/05/2011DIR_P
262 747 24_IR_190511 Employee comming on DeputationEstablishment Rules19/05/2011BOD
263 741 21_IR_090511 UPSEB Service Regulation ammendedEstablishment Rules09/05/2011BOD
264 742 22_IR_090511 UPSEB Service Regulation ammendedEstablishment Rules09/05/2011BOD
265 733 330_KVN_210411 CE_I and CGM pay revisionEstablishment Rules21/04/2011BOD
266 734 331_KVN_210411 Director Pay RevisionEstablishment Rules21/04/2011BOD
267 731 19_IR_130411 Regulation amendment: Service RulesEstablishment Rules13/04/2011BOD
268 704 142_KVN_170211 Junior Engineer revised PayEstablishment Rules17/02/2011Dir_P
269 705 143_KVN_170211 Assistant Engineer revised PayEstablishment Rules17/02/2011Dir_P
270 706 117_KVN_090211 Ste Compensatory allwaounceEstablishment Rules09/02/2011Ds_KVN
271 708 3_IR_290111 Regulation JEEstablishment Rules29/01/2011CMD
272 709 04_IR_290111 Regulation AEEstablishment Rules29/01/2011CMD
273 710 05_IR_290111 Regulation AEEstablishment Rules29/01/2011CMD
274 711 06_IR_290111 Regulation TG_IIEstablishment Rules29/01/2011CMD
275 712 07_IR_290111 Reg. Vidut Seva AyogEstablishment Rules29/01/2011CMD
276 664 2456_EM07_241210 Promotion from JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
277 665 2457_EM07_241210 Promotion of JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
278 666 2458_EM07_241210 Promotion of JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
279 667 2459_EM07_241210 Promotiom of JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
280 668 2460_EM07_241210 Promotion JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
281 669 2461_EM07_241210 Promotion JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
282 670 2462_EM07_241210 Promotion JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
283 671 2463_EM07_241210 Promotion JE to AEEstablishment Rules24/12/2010JMD
284 717 1035_MPAR01_221210 Powers of JMDEstablishment Rules22/12/2010CMD
285 659 2003_KVN_301110 Pay Revision ClarificationEstablishment Rules30/11/2010Add_Secy_I
286 628 1013_KVN_111010 Removal of Pay anamolyEstablishment Rules11/10/2010Additional Secratry-I
287 595 1094_KVN_010910 Pay Revision Option form for order 981Establishment Rules01/09/2010Add. Secy_I
288 613 998_KVN_270810 Pay RevisionEstablishment Rules27/08/2010ADD Secy_I
289 561 981_KVN_140810 Pay Revision since 010196Establishment Rules14/08/2010Add Secy_I
290 568 950_KVN_140810 Revision of PayEstablishment Rules14/08/2010Add_secy_I
291 569 1024_KVN_140810 Revision of pay : AccountsEstablishment Rules14/08/2010Add_Secy_I
292 559 997_KVN_110810 Director pay scaleEstablishment Rules12/08/2010Add. Secy. _I
293 560 93_IR_090810 Corrig: AE RecruitmentEstablishment Rules09/08/2010Director
294 557 88_IR_050810 AE Recruitment Rule ModifiedEstablishment Rules05/08/2010CMD
295 558 1947_IR_050810 Enquiry Committee RuleEstablishment Rules05/08/2010CMD
296 433 49_IR_030610 Selection CommitteeEstablishment Rules03/06/2010US
297 395 657_KVN_200510 Chief Engineer :Cerical EstablishmentEstablishment Rules20/05/2010CMD
298 431 40_IR_110510 Clerical EstablishmentEstablishment Rules11/05/2010US
299 365 310_MP_01_280410 Powers of Director/MDEstablishment Rules28/04/2010JS(MP)
300 363 151_Transo16_210410 Work distribution Director(O)/ Director(P)Establishment Rules21/04/2010Chairman
301 430 31_IR_070410 Clerical EstablishmentEstablishment Rules07/04/2010US
302 239 1758_KVN_231209 Selection List for MeritEstablishment Rules23/12/2009JS(KVN)
303 241 1724_KVN_101209 Option for Pay RevisionEstablishment Rules10/12/2009JS(KVN)
304 432 187_IR_261109 TGII_Cable_Jointer_Quota for JEEstablishment Rules26/11/2009US
305 253 6151_EM2A_251109 Promotion to Pub. Relation OfficerEstablishment Rules25/11/2009US
306 142 824_MPAR_01_131109 Nomination of CE(Com & Energy Account)Establishment Rules13/11/2009Joint Secy_MPAR
307 617 667_MPAR01_051009 Deployment at ETIEstablishment Rules05/10/2009CMD
308 429 172_IR_300909 Corrig:160_IR_010909Establishment Rules30/09/2009US
309 127 1247_KVN_220909 Adoption of GO Reg HRA for External Officers appointed in UPPCLEstablishment Rules22/09/2009DS_KVN
310 428 161_IR_020909 Clerical Cadre RuleEstablishment Rules02/09/2009US
311 427 160_IR_010909 Clerical CadreEstablishment Rules01/09/2009US
312 139 611_MPAR_01_310709 Transfer PolicyEstablishment Rules31/07/2009Joint Secy_MPAR
313 138 545_MPAR_01_270709 Meaning of Without PrejudiceEstablishment Rules27/07/2009Joint Secy_MPAR
314 137 512_MPAR_01_030709 Transfer of RESSPO unit under Director (Com)Establishment Rules03/07/2009DS_MPAR
315 136 503_MPAR_01_300609 Advertisement Bill of UPPTCLEstablishment Rules30/06/2009DS_MPAR
316 124 499_MS_01_300609 Elevation of PostEstablishment Rules30/06/2009DS_MS_01
317 123 495_MS_01_290609 Redesignation of PostEstablishment Rules29/06/2009DS_MS_01
318 135 472_MPAR_01_200609 Deligation of PowerEstablishment Rules20/06/2009Add Secy 01
319 131 101_MPAR_01_030209 Admin Power of MDEstablishment Rules03/02/2009Add Secy-01
320 130 43_MPAR_01_200109 Transfer committeeEstablishment Rules20/01/2009Add Secy-01
321 150 516_MPAR_01_031208 Transfer Policy of StaffEstablishment Rules03/12/2008Add_Secy_01
322 151 485_MPAR_01_141108 Restoration of ULDC LucknowEstablishment Rules14/11/2008DS_MPAR
323 162 426_MPAR_01_071008 Change of Admin Control of PoliceEstablishment Rules07/10/2008DS_MP
324 152 384_MPAR_01_180908 Conversion of Driver Post to TG-IIEstablishment Rules18/09/2008DS_MPAR
325 153 331_MPAR_01_300808 Transfer Policy of AccountsEstablishment Rules30/08/2008Add_Secy_01
326 154 256_MPAR_01_010808 Staff for State Designated AgencyEstablishment Rules01/08/2008DS_MPAR
327 148 316_MP_08_100608 Creation of Micro Wave Sub Division at AnparaEstablishment Rules10/06/2008DS_MP
328 149 308_MP_08_090608 Admin Control of ASP KESCOEstablishment Rules09/06/2008DS_MP
329 158 160_MPAR_01_060608 Admin Power of MD DiscomEstablishment Rules06/06/2008CGM_01
330 159 151_MPAR_01_300508 Transfer Policy 2008_09Establishment Rules30/05/2008CGM_01
331 161 150_MPAR_01_300508 Transfer Policy 2008_09Establishment Rules30/05/2008CGM_01
332 160 132_AR_01_290508 Payment For RTIEstablishment Rules29/05/2008CGM_01
333 147 200_MP_08_220408 Creation of SLDC_EO unitEstablishment Rules22/04/2008DS_MP
334 145 115_MP_08_050308 Post Creation for SLDC LucknowEstablishment Rules05/03/2008DS_MP
335 191 650_MP_08_291207 Change of H/q from Kanpur to ParichhaEstablishment Rules29/12/2007DS_MP
336 190 650_MP_08_051207 Change of Office : APDRPEstablishment Rules05/12/2007DSMP
337 187 476_MP_08_110907 Creation of Trasmission Div at BadauEstablishment Rules11/09/2007DS_MP
338 188 475_MP_08_110907 Creation of T&C Div at LucknowEstablishment Rules11/09/2007DS_MP
339 186 466_MP_08_070907 Change of H/q from Lucknow to UnnaoEstablishment Rules07/09/2007DS_MP
340 185 446_MP_08_300807 Deployment of Post from CE_Hydel to UPPCl H/qEstablishment Rules30/08/2007DS_MP
341 183 437_MP_08_270807 Restoration of Staff for Fire UnitEstablishment Rules27/08/2007DS_MP
342 182 371_MP_08_060807 Creation of Trans.Div(Civil) at JhansiEstablishment Rules06/08/2007DS_MP
343 178 327_MP_08_130707 Deployment of Officers for Back OfficeEstablishment Rules13/07/2007DS_MP
344 176 155_MP_08_240407 PMU unit under CE(MM) LucknowEstablishment Rules24/04/2007DS_MP
345 175 84_AR_01_100407 RTI PaymentEstablishment Rules10/04/2007DGM_AR_Works
346 174 130_MP_08_030407 Abolition of Equator Unit LucknowEstablishment Rules03/04/2007DGM_MP
347 173 41_AR_01_270207 Duties of Officers StaffEstablishment Rules27/02/2007DGM_AR_Works
348 171 80_MP_08_240209 Creation of ETC JhansiEstablishment Rules24/02/2007DS_MP
349 205 609_MP_08_271206 Creation of New Civil UnitEstablishment Rules27/12/2006DS_MP
350 206 582_MP_08_041206 Abolition Unit PostEstablishment Rules04/12/2006DS_MP
351 207 566_MP_08_231106 Creation of Unit at Transmission: RampurEstablishment Rules23/11/2006DS_MP
352 208 552_MP_08_141106 Creation of Company Secretary PostEstablishment Rules14/11/2006DS_MP
353 204 461_MP_08_160906 Restoration CE(APTP_II) PostEstablishment Rules16/09/2006DS_MP
354 279 140_Reg_23_190806 Relexation in Selection :2006-07Establishment Rules19/08/2006US
355 203 393_MP_08_280706 Creation of RTI Prakosth ar H/qEstablishment Rules28/07/2006DS_MP
356 201 376_MP_08_200706 Admin Control of PMU UnitEstablishment Rules20/07/2006DS_MP
357 210 292_MP_08_090606 Aboliotion of RPMO UnitEstablishment Rules09/06/2006DGM_MP
358 200 291_MP_08_090606 Change of Designation in Civil at H/QEstablishment Rules09/06/2006DGM_MP
359 199 288_MP_08_080606 Creation of Back Office Unit at Shakti BhawanEstablishment Rules08/06/2006DS_MP
360 196 231_MP_08_080506 Admin Control of SchoolEstablishment Rules08/05/2006DS_MP
361 274 21_KVN_29_090106 Selection Process for PromotionEstablishment Rules09/01/2006DS
362 2223 295_Work14_270203 Power for Work order/ Supply orderEstablishment Rules27/02/2003Chairman
363 795 582_PAY_051002 TA RulesEstablishment Rules05/10/2002ED_P&M
364 269 2_Reg_23_020102 UPSEB Seva Niyamavali 1970Establishment Rules02/01/2002GM_III
365 276 211_Reg_23_061201 Service Rules For RecruitmentEstablishment Rules06/12/2001DGM
366 278 44_Reg_23_300301 UPSEB Abhiyanta Seva Niyamavali 1970 ReplacedEstablishment Rules30/03/2001DGM_MS
367 277 428_KVN_240301 Late Selection in PromotionEstablishment Rules24/03/2001DGM_KVN
368 1013 531_wage_211198 Electricity Service AllowanceEstablishment Rules21/11/1998Board
369 264 957_GO_Karmik_1 Govt. Employee Conduct Rules 1956Establishment Rules17/10/1998Chief Secy
370 280 405_Reg_23_091098 Selection Year RuleEstablishment Rules09/10/1998JS
371 716 1618_KVN_290998 Time ScaleEstablishment Rules29/09/1998Chairman
372 640 2159_KVN_RVP_29_051297 Advisors Pay & AllowancesEstablishment Rules05/12/1997JS
373 801 2060_IR_200796 CompensationEstablishment Rules20/07/1996Chairman
374 263 2305_Pension_31_271095 Deputation RulesEstablishment Rules27/10/1995Add Secy.
375 270 276_Reg_23_081194 UPSEB_Sevice_Reg_1970Establishment Rules08/11/1994Dy. Secy
376 265 1191_P_SEB_30_030889 Allowance for Dual ChargeEstablishment Rules03/08/1989Joint Secy
377 268 130_Reg_090987 Absorption in Govt.SectorEstablishment Rules09/09/1987Secratary
378 1964 1382_KA_310381 Leave admissible to AE (Trainee)Establishment Rules31/03/1981Secty.